2022 Assembly


St. Bakhita Day Summaries: URAT Albania


Report by Aferdita Gjoni

The United Response Against Trafficking (URAT) network in Albania, organised a liturgy within the framework of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, St Bakhita’s Day. This year’s theme was prepared by a team of young people, who invite us on a journey of human dignity, against all forms of exploitation and trafficking of human beings. An invitation to a spiritual journey and to honour the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking. Saint Bakhita was a young woman from South Sudan who escaped slavery and is today the patron saint for all who suffer from the violence of human trafficking. The journey from the darkness of exploitation and trafficking to the light of freedom is our journey. Through this liturgy, we walk, like millions of immigrants who flee their homeland in search of peace, security, a piece of land to work or live their lives in dignity. We walk with them, feeling the vulnerabilities that make it so easy to fall into the dark trap of exploitation and trafficking. We don’t want to leave anyone behind. As we become increasingly aware of the realities of human trafficking, let us move forward with the light of human dignity burning in our hearts and commit to breaking down the barriers of eradicating human trafficking.


Online ‘Pilgrimage of Prayer and Awareness’ against human trafficking to be live streamed on 8th February.


Anti-trafficking organisation Talitha Kum are coordinating an online ‘Pilgrimage of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking’, next Wednesday 8th February, to mark the annual International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking.

This day marks the feast of Saint Josephine Bakhita, a woman from Sudan who was enslaved and trafficked as a child, enduring enormous torment and abuse over many years before gaining her freedom and devoting the rest of her life to religious service as a Canossian sister.

The online event will stream from 09:30 until 16:30 CET on the 8th February and can be watched on Youtube

Further information and resources about the day can be found at