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LAL BATTI EXPRESS*: Young survivors drive us on their journey. Reflection from RENATE member Marie Hélène Halligon, olcgs, event to mark 30 July 2019- UN International Day against Trafficking in Persons.


On the 30th of July 2019, I was invited to attend a show given by young Indian survivors of Trafficking coming to Europe (St James of Compostela, Belgium and Rome, as far as I know). Sylvie Bianchi (from SAMILIA) has been attending a presentation on Human trafficking I gave in our community which is located in the red-light district of Brussels, so I went to “La Tricoterie”, a very special place welcoming the group and many other activities.

We had a beautiful moment, as the girls play their own journey through trafficking and surviving, from their childhood up to now: students or formators…

In turn, they very simply play their own stories and their story together, sometimes interacting with the attendance (200 people or so) and it was emotional indeed when they were in tears while going through their painful past…

14 girls from

17 to 23 years old

Every 10 or 15 minutes, they invited us to join in, or playing with them, or answering a few questions or asking for our reaction to the play.

This above part of the play was one which shew us how they were shackled by being trafficked, and the way they got out of it, with a large scarf they bounded them in.

At the end of the play, I told them: “We all have to learn from you” …

And then the UN Ambassador gave them all a present and sung for them to thank them and their staff for their play and above all for their courage!

Marie Hélène Halligon

“The Red Light Express”

How to better fight together, the trafficking of women in West Africa for the purposes of the sex trade and to support their rehabilitation?



RENATE members in France share with us news of the forthcoming conference which will take place in Paris, on Tuesday 8 October 2019.

The Sovereign Order of Malta, through its two anti-trafficking ambassadors in Geneva (Michel Veuthey) and Lagos, Nigeria (Romain de Villeneuve), is organizing this symposium to discuss the issue of the sexual exploitation of young women in West Africa, particularly Nigerian women victims of trafficking.

This conference aims to strengthen synergies, partnerships and alliances between the various regional and international agencies and organizations, local non-governmental organizations and civil society, including local faith-based organizations and has two specific objectives: (1) Strengthen relations between the different actors involved in the fight against trafficking and (2) Continue to elaborate and implement solutions identified with the help of experts.

Starting at 08:30, involving keynote speeches and three Round-table discussion groups, the conference will conclude with a buffet lunch at 13:00, to facilitate further networking and engagement amongst the attendees.

Contact and registration:

Human Like You – Launch of Human Trafficking National Education campaign – Malta.



On 20th July 2019, Malta launched the National Education campaign on Human Trafficking. The launch took place in the Cardinal`s Hall at the Inquisitor`s Palace in Vittoriosa ( Birgu).

RENATE member, Sr. Margaret Gonzi, olcgs, attended, representing the domestic violence shelter Dar Merhba Bik Foundation. Margaret was delighted to attend and took the opportunity to network with the invited guests and also promote the work of RENATE. Margaret believes that ‘Human Like You’ campaign will educate people on the different forms of human trafficking in society, with educational campaigns highlighting real-life cases, how they occur and how one can protect oneself from vulnerability to trafficking.

“People think it’s only illegal immigration and sex work, but there is more to human trafficking than we think,” Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms Julia Farrugia Portelli said. A consultation process on human trafficking will be undertaken by the government, putting at the forefront the people’s views and opinions on the issues. “When the consultation process is complete, we will go back to people with viable solutions,” the parliamentary secretary said.

At the forefront of the campaign is a newly launched website which features real stories of people who were the victims of human trafficking, available at:

Margaret is keen to follow up on this Human Trafficking awareness-raising campaign and looks forward to the success of the campaign as it extends across the country.

Andrew West interviews Kevin Hyland at an event at Parliament House,  hosted by War on Slavery (War on Slavery).


UK’s former anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland, OBE, has been in Austral-Asia in July, meeting political and business leaders and discussing the crime of Human Trafficking and Exploitation.

Currently, despite being illegal worldwide, 40-45 million people live in slavery, one quarter of whom are children. Two thirds of modern slaves are held in the Austral-Asia region, the largest number of slaves the world has ever seen.

A panel of experts got together recently in New South Wales Parliament House, Australia,  to discuss modern slavery, forced slavery and human trafficking.

Log on to the following link, to hear Kevin’s interview with Andrew West of ABC  broadcasting studios, Australia.




The Refugee Hosts project is pleased to announce this two day conference, bringing together key academics, practitioners, creatives and experts in the fields of migration, displacement and refugees, to challenge, inform and debate dominant humanitarian discourse, the politics and ethics of knowledge production, and current theory and practice in relation to forced migration.

Where: IAS Common Ground, University College London. (click here for full address and map). There will also be live-streaming of the Conference, with subtitles

Through a series of presentations, panel and roundtable discussions, workshops and film screenings, the conference provides an opportunity to join Refugee Hosts’ ‘community of conversation’ on key themes including:

  • Disrupting humanitarian narratives
  • Stories of overlapping displacement
  • Hosting, hospitality and the common good
  • The politics and ethics of knowledge production in refugee and conflict situations
  • Translation, literature and refugee response
  • Rethinking community, rights and displacement

Through these debates and conversations, the conference will evaluate future opportunities and challenges for understanding and responding to forced displacement and refugees, and will map out future research and policy agendas.

Refugee Hosts Conference Infomration

To register for the event please visit the conference Eventbrite page.

Update on GRETA’s 35th plenary meeting, 8-12 July 2019, Strasbourg.


The Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) held its 35th meeting from 8 to 12 July 2019 in Strasbourg.

During the meeting, GRETA adopted final reports on Hungary, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Turkey. These reports will be sent to the authorities concerned and will subsequently be made public, together with eventual final comments received from the authorities.

GRETA also approved draft reports on the Czech Republic and Monaco. GRETA decided to transmit these draft reports to the national authorities concerned and to ask them to submit their comments within two months. The comments will be taken into account when GRETA draws up its final evaluation reports. GRETA draft reports remain confidential until their final adoption.

During the meeting, GRETA held an exchange of views on the proposals for strengthening action against trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation made in the Secretary General’s report “Ready for Future Challenges – Reinforcing the Council of Europe”.

Further, in the context of the meeting, GRETA held an exchange of views with Alexander Segel, Executive Secretary of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) and Head of the Cybercrime Division, and Virgil Spiridon, Head of Operations, Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (C-PROC).


UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons- 19 July 2019.


2019 marked another year of increased and dynamic campaigns across the RENATE network, raising awareness about Human  Trafficking and Exploitation.

From Flash mobs in Albania to the launch at the UN of Talitha Kum’s photographic exhibition of Nun’s healing Hearts campaign; from the launch of Fundacion Amaranta’s new manifesto in Spain to the launch of a new Human Trafficking awareness group in Cork city Ireland (Cork Against Human Trafficking) and from training seminars, fun-runs to prayer meetings, a myriad of activities continue to take place.

True to the RENATE policy statement on Human Trafficking and the Law, ‘RENATE endeavours to abolish all forms of human trafficking and exploitation that violates the human dignity and rights of persons. Throughout its European Network, RENATE adopts a Victim-Centred, Human Rights, Trauma-informed approach in relation to the Law,’  we are united in our work to maintain the dignity of the human person and to combat human trafficking and exploitation in all its guises.

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