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Psycho-Social Center ‘Vartra’ educational awareness-raising campaigns.


RENATE colleagues at Psycho-Social Center ‘VATRA,’ Albania, share news of the success of their anti-human trafficking awareness-raising Forum with the students at Himara High school , on the topic of ‘Information on the phenomenon of Human Trafficking: Prevention and identification mechanisms as well as work on the reintegration of victims who have survived trafficking.’

Through active participation and discussions, students not only gained knowledge and insights, they also appreciated how education plays an important part in ensuring youth are less vulnerable to traffickers. The ability to gain employment and be self-supporting is a significant safety to reducing vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation.

These successful forums will continue in September, 2019 in the districts of Fier, Vlora, Berat, Gjirokastra and Saranda.

This is an initiative under the ‘’Youth Engagement in Action for the Prevention of Human Trafficking,’ funded by the small grants programme at the United States Embassy in Tirana, Albania.

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Preparation for RENATE Assembly 2021 Together Towards 2030.


A number of online courses are available, which focus on each of the Sustainable Development Goals. The courses are free of charge and are brief in duration, from four to six weeks on average.

17 universities worldwide have worked to create an initiative to educate learners about the SDGs and how they can contribute to achieving them. Coursera is the primary platform where these courses are offered for the general public in the form of online classes with the hope of increasing participation in the work being done towards these goals. The courses often provide a hands-on experience with an NGO or international organization who is working to achieve the SDGs through their work. The participating universities hope to offer a global education on these goals and ways to get involved.

As far as RENATE is concerned, each SDG is relevant, both directly and indirectly. It may be helpful to avail of these courses by way of information and upskilling in preparation for the forthcoming RENATE Assembly at Fátima, Portugal in 20121.

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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

World Day of Migrants and Refugees: ‘’It is not just about migrants.’’ 29 September 2019.


In the message of his Holiness Pope Francis for the 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Pope Francis highlights his repeated and explicit calls of concern for migrants and refugees, should be understood as being integral to his deep concern for all of humanity.

His message aims to convey to us how deeply involved  ‘’as Christian communities and societies we are and that we are all called to respond and to reflect how our faith and commitments are engaged in responding to vulnerable people on the move.

In an increasingly globalised world, where migrants, refugees, displaced persons and victims of trafficking have become emblems of exclusion, Pope Francis reminds us that each encounter with the other, is an encounter with Christ and in extending the hand of love, friendship, assistance and support to the most vulnerable, we are extending our hands to Christ.



[29 September 2019]


Successful collaborations key to anti-human trafficking awareness-raising seminars in Romania.


As the academic year ends, congratulations to RENATE colleagues at SOLWODI Romania as they conclude their final anti- human trafficking awareness-raising work with students in com. Dragalina.
It has been a very successful collaboration with the Romanian National Agency against Human Trafficking, Adpare, Romania.

As a result of the seminars, students have a heightened awareness about the risks of Human Trafficking and the need to protect themselves.

During the seminars, the presenters and students were able to explore how and why global patterns of work have changed and the practical effects where people seek employment through the internet, which requires astute insights in order to distinguish between honest job opportunities and those that are traps for human trafficking and exploitation. .

The seminars were also helpful in informing the students about the importance of awareness and the need to be discerning about the life-choices they make for their futures.

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CARITAS Slovakia launch online campaign to combat Human Trafficking.


RENATE colleagues at Caritas Slovakia share news about the launch of an online, nationwide preventive campaign to combat trafficking in human beings. The format is by means of a video clip, Don’t get Enslaved.

Caritas wants to talk more about the real pitfalls of modern slavery, which often affects marginalized groups in the poorest regions of Slovakia.

The UK remains the top destination country of Slovak victims of trafficking. This fact is confirmed not only by the Ministry of the Interior, the United Kingdom Embassy, ​​but also the statistics and the 10-year experience of the STOP Trafficking Project. “Over the past year or two there are mostly trafficked Roma people who travel to work in England. Therefore, in our latest campaign, we’ve focused on them. Since we did not want to launch a campaign without knowing the specific situation in the field, we conducted a survey which preceded the activities. We summoned recommendations from experts and field workers and concluded that such a campaign was needed and preventive activities were initiated.” explains project manager Jana Verdura

The campaign comprises two parts. The first is offline education – 12 prevention workshops across Slovakia, especially in areas where education is most needed i.e. eastern and southern regions of Slovakia.

“We have contacted field workers who work with Roma people – potential victims-, so that they can recognize the risks, whether there are traffickers in the community or whether someone has been abused, ”says Sr. Bohumila, who is part of the STOP Human Trafficking team and also a member of RENATE.

So far about 350 people have participated through education. “We had very positive feedback and see that education is needed, local social workers are interested in our preventive activities. We were told not once that they figured out cases of human trafficking in the past. Working with the target group they didn’t have the necessary information to identify them as victims of human trafficking, ”Verdura adds.

In May, the 2nd part of the campaign – online- commenced. As young Roma are very active on social networks, the STOP Human Trafficking project put on a series of videos and a song from the Gipsy Chave band entitled “Watch out bro!” to help inform young people that modern slavery is real, it can affect them and caution is needed.

The face of the online campaign is a well-known rapper Ego, who willingly cooperated with us.

The campaign originated with the financial support of the Embassy of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

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Preview YouTube video Gipsy Čáve – Dávaj si pozor bráško !

Gipsy Čáve – Dávaj si pozor bráško !

Preview YouTube video Ego – Nenechaj sa zotročiť

Ego – Nenechaj sa zotročiť



The RENATE ASSEMBLY group, during their many deliberations, became strongly drawn to consider Portugal for the next RENATE Assembly (7-13 November 2021, theme “Together Towards 2030”).



Whilst there for a reconnoitre visit, to our amazement, doors were open to us every where, in particular in Fátima, through the offer of accommodation and excellent Conference facilities.

Preparations are now well under way as members of the RENATE Assembly working group met in Portugal to explore possibilities.

Our short visit to Fatima went beyond our expectations. We were able to complete the next stage of the planning and have secured the Santuário de Fátima for both the accommodation & conference facilities which will be specifically allocated to the 120 RENATE delegates coming from across Europe for the week.

We are very grateful to Mr. Claudio Clómónte for his tour of the facilities and he will continue to liaise with us as we finalise preparations.

Our afternoon visit to the city of Lisbon went very well and we will rely on the guidance and experience of our seven Portuguese RENATE members as we continue to prepare for a fruitful and very special Assembly in Fátima.


Fundacion Amaranta Training initiative.


On 21 May 2019 our colleagues at Amaranta Fundación de Solidaridad commenced teaching the Professional Association of Social Workers in Madrid, an introduction to the course on the Detection of Victims of Human Trafficking.

This initiative promoted by the Community in Madrid within the framework of its Anti-Trafficking Strategy, is giving Amaranta the opportunity to train different Professional Associations in the field of social issues and specifically, to help frontline workers detect and play their part in prevention and combatting Human Trafficking.

Last week Amaranta Fundación de Solidaridad concluded its training with the Professional College of Educators and Social Educators. This was a joint training activity in conjunction with the  Esperanza Adoratrices Project , which facilitates face-to-face praxis, thereby making the online part of the training more dynamic.

Congratulations to our colleagues, on wonderful work to inform, train and enable as many as possible to play their part in the work to combat human trafficking.

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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

Inherent Dignity- Webinar 2. 24 May 2019.


Mercy Global Action hold session 2 of their Webinars centred on the publication Inherent Dignity, Friday 24 May 2019, from 09:00 – 10:00, (14:00 GMT; 15:00 CEST; 16:00 EEST).

Published by Mercy International Association, Inherent Dignity is an advocacy guidebook to preventing trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and realising the human rights of women and girls throughout their lives.

During the webinar, Angela Reed rsm and Amanda Lyons, J.D. will explore the common patterns of human rights violations that occur during human trafficking. They will also discuss governmental obligations to prevent trafficking as set out in key international and regional human rights instruments.

Register for Session Two here

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Messages to: Angela Reed rsm – MIA-MGA Coordinator

Adapted by Anne Kelleher, with gratitude to MGA.

CCARHT Summer |Symposium 2019.


Rev Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford (conducted the RENATE Child Trafficking Mapping Exercise, 2017/2018) shares news  of the forthcoming Summer Symposium on the several ‘Rs’ of Human Trafficking  (Risks, Rewards, Research, Rights, Responsibilities, Refugees, Religion, Revenues, Roots, Referrals, Removals) on offer at the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking , at Cambridge University in the UK, 1-5 July 2019.

Pressing questions centred on the Symposium’s theme, will be explored by leading academics, along with government advisers and policy makers, prosecutors and police, gathered from the UK, Europe, North Americas, Asia and Africa for this annual exploration into some of the prevailing and tough questions which require further exploration and enquiry, and some onward Recommendations .

‘Early Bird’ discounted places are available through registering here

For those who are interested, attendance at the full week converts into Institute of Leadership and Management credits for its Level 5 degree level qualification in Integrity in Leadership and Management.

Can’t make the whole week? Not to worry – There is the possibility of opting for a two-day special – so that you can select the days which you would like to be a part of.

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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.



ANDANTE Study Days, Snagov, Romania, 24 – 29 April 2019. Theme: “Women in the Church make the Difference.”


Andante, the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations, held Study Days centred on the theme of “Women in the Church make the Difference, ’’ held in “Manastirea Parintilor Carmelitani Desculti” in Snagov, Romania. (

51 participants from 14 European countries attended the Study Days, with Adina Balan, sj, officially representing RENATE. (Dr. Mary McHugh, one of the Chairs of ANDANTE, is also a RENATE member).

Originally the term ekklesia means the political assembly of citizens of an ancient Greek state. From its beginning the community that gathered around the first apostles, called out of the world and to God, included both women and men. The ANDANTE Study Days aim to support and to encourage women to be skilled members of their church.

Speakers this year included Regina Heyder from Germany, Tina Beattie from the U.K., Chantal Götz from Liechtenstein and Beke Boroka from Romania. The various workshops over the course of the Study days included attention to spirituality, to practical engagement as well as providing many moments to share with each other.

Sunday, 28 April was Orthodox Easter Sunday, and the ANDANTE delegates visited the city of Brasov, known for its black Church.

The Study Days began on Wednesday the 24th of April at 20:00 h with dinner and concluded  on Monday 29th of April after breakfast. The ANDANTE General Assembly took place during the Study days.

There were lectures and workshops on problematic church issues, on continuing education that strengthened the participants for spiritual tasks and on how women can be heard more in the church.

ANDANTE meetings offer a unique opportunity to network with women from all over Europe.

Check out   for formal report which will be published in due course.

Women in the Church make the difference – Andante Study Days and General Assembly 2019.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation.