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Join ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious against Trafficking in Humans) and the international community for 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.



The campaign calls us to work together to stop the trafficking of girls and women, which is an extreme form of violence. Many face forced labour in hazardous conditions with no chance of an education and no chance to escape from a cycle of poverty.
There are many simple ways to be part of this campaign. The complete list of resources and campaign actions are available at:
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Statement submitted by Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas and the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, non-governmental organisations in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, recently addressed the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised and the Protocols thereto.
On behalf of both Congregations, Dr. Angela Reed, rsm, presented a Statement to the Conference, offering a critical understanding of trafficking for sexual exploitation and calling for  “…a radical shift in how we frame the problem of trafficking.’’
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MWL and RENATE were invited to avail of an opportunity to participate in the Regional Training Programmes offered by the ERSTE FOUNDATION, during the period 2016/2017.


Professor Michael Meyer, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, facilitated the first course in Sarajevo on the 6th and 7th of October. The course focused on Leadership and Teams. Two members of MWL staff and two members of RENATE were amongst the seventeen course participants from different organisations in Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia and the UK.
In contemporary times, the popular understanding of leadership is that of leading in and with teams. The theories of leader as ‘lone wolf’ or ‘great person,’ are long outdated. The focus now is on social processes within teams. Leaders will continuously have to prove themselves within teams and be prepared for the dynamics of such teams.
Meanwhile, leadership behaviour and its impact on organisational success has a prominent position within theoretical and empirical management research. However, there is not only a considerable gap between ‘knowing and doing,’ but there is also a deep gap between academic logic and common sense. Both of these gaps should be bridged.
The main topics of this course were separated into four sessions:
Session 1: Team Work & Group Dynamics

  • Attractiveness of Teams
  • Constituent Elements of Groups
  • Group performance and individual performance

Session 2: Problem Solving

  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • The Logic of Successful Decisions

Session 3: Leadership Theories

  • Consistency and Commitment
  • Power
  • Authority

This short course was well organised, with role-play and very practical exercises.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

1st Annual Report from the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Mr. Kevin Hyland, OBE.


This is the first annual report from the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.
The report sets out the work he has undertaken during 2016 to fulfil his duties.
Copies of the Report which was first published 12th October and updated on the 21st October, are available at
 Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

RENATE members mark the 18th of October, 2016, the EU Day against Human Trafficking.


Active against Human Trafficking- Active for Human Rights.


Adina Balan, CJ, shares her news of being a guest speaker in Linz, Austria, at an evening organised by the SSVD Sisters, speaking about the possibilities and challenges faced in the partnership between origin and destination countries. Adina focused on the socio-economic situation in Romania as a contributing factor to the exploitation of persons.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

Margaret Gonzi, RGS, ”Awareness of human trafficking and exploitation is always on my mind”.

‘’Awareness of human trafficking and exploitation is always on my mind, ‘’says Margaret Gonzi,RGS , who featured in last week’s issue of the Maltese Catholic newspaper ” Lehen is-Sewwa,” when interviewed about human trafficking.
Margaret spoke about the work being done by RENATE members and about the importance of marking the 18th of October, the European day against trafficking.
RENATE member Marie Hélène Halligon, RGS,  shares about launch of film INVISIBLE to mark 18th October 2016.
kkkRENATE member Marie Hélène Halligon, RGS,  shared Secours Catholique- Caritas France’s news of the launch of the documentary film Invisible, which documents the story of the trafficking of minors.
Find the trailer at
For more information about the film, please see

Last days of the UN Giftbox campaign in Tirana, Albania.

In Albania, we conducted a number of activities around the UN Giftbox, in honour of the month’s activities against trafficking. To mark the 18th of October, the EU Day against Trafficking, events based on the UN Giftbox campaign in Tirana, were led by the Minster of the Interior, the Deputy Minister of the Interior and the Deputy Minister of Education. They had become aware of the value of this tool in raising awareness against trafficking.

Originally, the UNGiftbox campaign was launched in Durrës, Albania in June and since that time has been travelling to various towns in Albania and concludes next week in Shkodra.
The URAT network who led this campaign included the NGOs Different and Equal, SHKEJ, the Peace Corps, the Roma National Organisation, Mary ward Loreto and four congregations, the Little Company of Mary, the Good Shepherd Sisters, the Little Sisters of Jesus and the Loreto Sisters IBVM.
Pictures of the last day of the UN Gift Box campaign in Tirana, are illustrated below, with each of the volunteers receiving a certificate. Thanks to everyone for the great work you have done 🙂
Almost 3,127 people show their interest and about 1,189 people signed #Noto #HumanTrafficking.
Looking forward to #Shkodra on #October 25th – 31st.
Let’s get together for #UnitedResponseAgainstTrafficking #URAT#Network
National Anti-Trafficking Conference, Tiranë, Albania, 18th of October 2016.
To mark the EU Anti-Trafficking Day, October 18, 2016, the Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the OSCE, hosted the National Conference on Anti-trafficking in Persons, at Tirana International Hotel. The conference lasted one hour and it consisted of brief presentations of the work of each partner institution with the Ministry, as well as a testimony of a trafficking survivor.
Media and people from public institutions and civil society were invited. Organisations such as Save the Children, UN Women, and Mary Ward Loreto were specifically mentioned by the panel, as being very productive collaborators and serious contributors in combating Human Trafficking.
List of speakers:

  • Ms. Elona Gjebrea, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs/ Anti-Trafficking National Coordinator, Albania.
  • Mr. Bernd Borchardt, Head of OSCE Presence in Albania
  • Mr. David Muniz, Deputy Ambassador of U.S Embassy in Albania
  • Dr. Joel Flimore, Human Trafficking survivor, Prof. Ass. Southern New Hampshire University, U.S.A

A Report on the Implementation of the Strategy of Combating Trafficking in Human Beings 2014-2017, was distributed to the audience. A brochure was also distributed which reflected the data on the present trafficking situation in Albania and the role of the partners in identifying victims and prosecuting criminals. These were the two main points of emphasis at the conference, identified as the current greatest challenges to combatting human trafficking in Albania.

Regional Anti-Trafficking Campaigns, Lezha, Albania, 18th of October 2016

On Oct 18, 2016 Mary Ward Loreto in collaboration with the Municipality of Lezhe, the Directory of Social Services and Education Department, organised an awareness-raising activity with women, youngsters and local institutions. The Deputy Mayor emphasised the fact that we should pay more attention to the fight against human trafficking and not only the cultivation and smuggling of narcotics, which is becoming a real concern for Albania and for the Albanian youth.
The representatives from the prefecture mentioned that Lezha is paying special attention to addressing the trafficking cases by providing support to them. The Referral system is functioning well in Lezha region but sometimes the cases of trafficked people from the Roma community, are very complex.
Mary Ward Loreto is becoming a key Foundation in the area, focusing on awareness-raising activities. The Foundation also provides concrete support to the women in need through vocational training and economical initiatives. This is a significant means of prevention against human trafficking.
About two hundred people joined the march which took place in Lezha Main Street where the youngsters distributed leaflets and talked to the pedestrians about human trafficking.
Regional Anti-Trafficking Campaign, Tropoja, Albania, 24th of October 2016
This activity is going to be repeated in the area of Tropoja (East North of Albania) on the 24th of October. In this activity the children of the secondary school “Ali Podrimja” will present an art exhibition in the city hall based on the topic of combating human trafficking.
Festival of Films in Albania
To mark the EU Anti-Trafficking Day, October 18, 2016 Mary Ward Loreto Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE) and United Response Against Trafficking (URAT), was pleased to present a film festival focused on human trafficking. The festival took place at the Cultural Centre of Orthodox Church in the center of Tirana and lasted two hour.
Those who participated in this Festival were our collaborators, partners, beneficiaries, volunteers, students and representatives from the Ministry of Interior.
Four films were shown during the evening, and all of these films as indicated below, reflected the work against human trafficking in which we are all engaged:
“Called To Give Voice to the Voiceless”- RENATE
“Two Little Girls” – ALBANIA ACPD
“Passport” – Mary Ward Loreto
“UN.Gift Box – Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign in Albania”- URAT Network

RENATE attendance at Symposium on ‘’Combating Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Developing a Stronger, Multi-Agency Response for the Identification and Support for Victims of Trafficking.’’


lSister Pat Kenny RSC, RENATE member, attended the symposium which was organised by the Public Policy Exchange, in the United Kingdom.
Delegates attending the symposium, heard from a panel of speakers which included Fiona Mactaggart, MP and co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery; Anne Read, Director of Anti-Trafficking and Modern , Slavery, The Salvation Army; Phil Brewer, Detective Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police-Organised Crime Command; representatives from the Human Trafficking Foundation UK and from the Helen Bamber Foundation UK and the international legal practice, Eversheds.
The presentations covered definitions of human trafficking, statistical data and changing trends in human trafficking in the UK,  which see an increasing number of male victims being identified in the UK and more victims of labour exploitation (including domestic servitude), over sexual exploitation.  Of particular concern is the greater use of social media as a means of recruitment and the increase in the number of victims being forced into various forms of criminality.
The Helen Bamber Foundation, working with survivors of human cruelty and human trafficking, shared practical experiences of working in support of survivors. The Foundation called for both a standardised provision of multi-agency training for those working in support of survivors and a Multi-Agency response.
Informed by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Eversheds offered a practical, step-by-step approach to help fulfil legal duties and best practices in relation to reporting and due diligence processes.
Improving intelligence-sharing and the impact of Brexit, formed the bulk of the presentation by T/DCI Phil Brewer, from the Tracking and Kidnap Unit of the Metropolitan Police. Emphasis was placed on the value of clear pathways of inter-agency contacts both nationally and internationally, amongst both NGOs and UK and EU police forces.
On a positive note, the increasing number of convictions being secured and the use of new legislation and powers to respond, was acknowledged as welcome progress in the fight against human trafficking.
For more, the Symposium pdf. Containing authorised PowerPoint presentations is available below.
Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

GRETA report on recent visit to the United Kingdom.


The Council of Europe’s Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) has published a report on the 7th of October, 2016 which assesses developments since the publication of GRETA’s 1st evaluation report in 2012 as regards the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings by the UK.

The report acknowledges the progress that has been made in a number of areas, notably including the adoption of dedicated, comprehensive legislation on human trafficking/modern slavery.
It welcomes the efforts of the UK to engage with civil society and the multi-agency approach being promoted by the authorities, especially when it comes to identifying victims.
An especially positive development has been the creation of the post of Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner to encourage good practice in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of human trafficking as well as identification of trafficked victims.
The report urges the United Kingdom to improve the identification and protection of child victims of trafficking, expressing particular concern about children going missing from local authority care.
It also calls for extending adequate support and assistance to victims of trafficking, beyond the period of 45 days currently provided for, to facilitate their recovery and guarantee their protection.
“Despite many positive developments in recent years, estimates suggest that up 60% of children who have potentially been trafficked are still going missing from local authority care in the UK, usually within 48 hours of being placed in care and before being formally recognised as victims,” said GRETA President Nicolas Le Coz. “Children who go missing in one part of the UK can also end up being trafficked and exploited in another part of the country, without any connection being made.”
GRETA is currently preparing a report on its first evaluation of Greece, arising from their visit earlier this month. More on the final report when it is made public.
Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.



jSlovak Catholic Charity is hosting its 3rd film festival on the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings, (18.10.2016), in co-operation with foreign partners, Unchosen and with the support of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.
This year, the festival takes place in Banska Bystrica, which, according to the latest statistics, comes second to the city of Kosice in terms of the number of victims of trafficking.
The films faithfully illustrate the effects of exploitation on the lives of the victims as well as the problems associated with recovery. The Film Festival plays its part in portraying the merciless reality of modern slavery in Slovakia. This year’s festival will place a special emphasis on the stories of victims and the value on the life of every human being. In total, nine films will be screened,including the premiere of two new Slovak films, In God’s Image and Ivan.
The festival will also host a photographic exhibition entitled ‘’Life after Trafficking- Life after Deliverance’’ and the campaign ‘’Giftbox Slovakia- People are Not for Sale’’ will also feature at the Festival.
The global dimension in the festival programme is the issue of forced labour and child labour, particularly exploitation in the textile and footwear factories supplying the world fashion chains
Following the film screening, there will be a forum for discussion on the topics of human trafficking and exploitation. This year’s panel discussion comprises the following;
Mr. Jozef Halcin (Ministry of Interior, Slovakia).
Sr. Bohdanka (SKCH).
Mr. Mike Emberson (Medaille Trust, United Kingdom).
As in previous years, informal networking and joint reflection on the festival are a valuable component to the overall success of the event.
The event is free of charge and all are welcome to attend.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

Film Festival in Albania on the eve of the 10th EU day Against Human Trafficking


Mary Ward Loreto in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of the Interior, the United Response against Trafficking (URAT) and RENATE invite us to join them at the film festival which takes place at 19:00 at the Orthodox Church Cultural Centre in Tirana on the 17th of October, 2016.

Four films focusing on the work being done to combat human trafficking, form the main event, which offers an opportunity to reflect on our greater strength when working collectively to bring an end to this heinous crime.

Festival Film Ftesa

UN calling for reflections/feedback on UN Women Consultation.


UN Women is currently undergoing a consultation which seeks views on sex work, the sex trade, and prostitution. All are invited to make their own personal response and /or NGO response to UN Women by 16 October, 2016.

Angela Reed rsm is currently preparing a response on behalf of Mercy Global Action at the UN, focussing largely on what formerly trafficked women say about these terms and the importance of listening to these voices. The MGA response will argue that the term ‘sex work’ conceals the abusive and exploitative nature that many formerly prostituted women experience. Please feel free to send Sr Angelaany comments or suggestions which you wish to be considered for inclusion in the statement before10 October.

Full details of the Consultation can be found here (PDF)

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.