2022 Assembly


Update on RENATE mission in the Czech Republic


News from RENATE member in the Czech Republic- during the time of COVID-19.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC

Due to the movement restrictions, a lot of the girls who have been prostituted, are now working from apartments/houses & therefore not as easily accessible to supports.

Klara Marie is able to respond to the girls via WhatsApp, which is of some help but there is no substitute for the person-to-person engagement. Prayer for the victims is an essential component of current support.

While there are shelters for victims of violence & domestic abuse, there are none specifically designated for women.

For the avoidance of spreading the infection, many homeless are cared for in hotels-given food, shelter, a bath etc.  They greatly value the experience of ‘’normal’’ life, or a reliable routine/shelter/security/food/hygiene & being medically looked after.

Plans for the future:- Build upon the contacts already made with the girls and maintain those contacts via telephone and/or online possibilities.  Continue the circles of prayer.

Engage with the wider network of RENATE members so we can support one another.