2022 Assembly


Update from the UKRAINE.


Easing of COVID-19 restrictions is now across the regions. Throughout the lockdown, online & telephone supports seem to have been the best & safest means of keeping in contact with victims/survivors.

Community prayer & on-line Masses have been quite popular, as people try to find comfort in gathering together- even virtually!

A positive development from the crisis has been the fact that Redemptorists sisters are now counselling over the telephone and this new methodology is becoming very popular and widely appreciated.

Caritas Ukraine have been very active and supportive during the Pandemic, leading to the understanding and appreciation of collaboration, which is key to outreach to as many people as possible. 

Cited example where cross-border work via CARITAS connecting with CARITAS Milan, helped a UKRAINIAN girl who needed food, shelter & support.

Post-COVID-19 restrictions will be a most critical time. During the pandemic, the government urged many of its citizens to return home for safety but the resulting influx of returning migrants has led to an unanticipated socio-economic crisis.

Many are having huge difficulties in adapting back to life in the Ukraine, especially under the poor economic circumstances. Without employment and income, many, many are left poverty-stricken, without shelter, food or access to essential medical services. Such vulnerable people are easy prey for criminals and those who will exploit for their own gratification.

New reality will be very demanding for society at large, as well as for the government.  There is a great urgency to be prepared to cater for emerging needs.