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UK members of RENATE held their country group meeting in London on 14 September 2019.


UK members of RENATE held their country group meeting in London on 14 September 2019.

The notifications for the meeting – and subsequent reminders- coincided with the summer months when members were in transit for work and holidays etc., but enough responded to ensure a valuable meeting took place. 

Marie Power (SHFB) chaired the meeting which was hosted by the by the Holy Family Sisters at 36 Albert Square, Stockwell London SW8 1BZ, a short walk from Stockwell Tube station. 

The meeting began with lunch at 12.15pm, followed by a Gathering Prayer (led by Patricia Mulhall, csb) and discussion (led by Marie) of the AGENDA.

  1. Introduction of each participant and her role in Anti-traficking
  2. Marie and Patricia gave a brief update on RENATE, recent Board Meetings/Training, its strategic plan and into the future, particularly the Film event for 2020.
  3. This was followed by open questions such as:

How can members as a body make a difference to the mission of combating HT in the            UK?  

– How can the membership support each other?

– Can the membership support national networks against HT in collaboration with TRAC?

– what are the Training needs of members within UK?

– What is the greatest need for capacity building of membership in the UK?

Most of the time was spent discussing the RENATE Film Festival event planned of r18 October 2020 in London and how to make maximum use of the occasion to highlight the work of RENATE and anti-human trafficking. Names were mentioned as good PR persons for the event. Mary McHugh suggested getting in touch with University Media-Studies students. Others suggested celebrity names – which will be passed on to the Film Festival Group. 

Although the open questions were discussed, the overall thinking was that before another meeting is proposed  – for summer 2020 – it would be good to find out what members want from such a gathering and how this would benefit their present work. Training was suggested as a good option, particularly up-to-date information on present and future Legislation, the work of Police in anti-trafficking, role of the Independent anti-Slavery commissioner, statistics on prosecutions, roles of ‘safe house’ providers (Medaille Trust / Bakhita House)


The meeting concluded at 3pm.


Patricia Mulhall,csb, RENATE Board and Core Group member.