2022 Assembly


The power of possibilities despite the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has impacted our Association in a certain way. We had just started two new projects  at the beginning of March, one of which is a prayer-event series for those who serve vulnerable people. Due to COVID-19, we will now proceed with this via Zoom.

We were delighted to receive a request from a Hungarian faith-based shelter to help the women  in a recovery  programme with some activities. So we proposed cooking classes and health and hygiene classes – but the lockdown prevents us from meeting them. Thanks to the internet we now have  set up the online meetings/ classes. It’s a blessing to reach out to them in such difficult times.

Praying for all our  sisters and brothers worldwide affected by COVID-19  and asking God’s care and love especially for  our colleagues in Italy and Spain.

I wish you all God’s loving presence and His strength in all.

Gabriella Legradi, SCSC and Gabriella Mezinger, SJC.