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Social Media Impact Awards 2016 Activate, Educate & Inspire


Amongst the winning films at the recently held Social Media Impact Awards (SIMA Awards), a number of films which cover the themes of exploitation of workers, prostitution, the migrant crisis in Europe and the ”jungle” at Calais, France were amongst the winners.
The films range in length from short (8 minutes) to full length (104 minutes), with the following being particularly relevant to our own work:
1. ”Dream Catcher” (104 minutes), about human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation. Awarded Best Director (Kim Longinotto).
2. ”The True Cost” (92 mins), about the human and environmental cost of the clothing industry. Jury Prize Winner & Special Mention Award.
3. ”Transit Zone” (32 mins), about refugees in Calais, France. Best Sound Editing Award and also received Special Mention.
4. ”Men Buy Sex” (8 mins), directed by Alice Russell. Best Creative Activism Award.
Video clips of the above are available on and also at
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person