2022 Assembly


‘’Seeking Refuge’’- An E-Book.


Pope Francis has made the care of migrants and refugees a major focus of his papacy. No other religious or political leader has done as much as the pope in calling attention to the moral dimensions of the current refugee dilemma and in reminding the world of our shared obligations to others.

Produced by the Sisters at Global Sisters Report (GSR), this resource highlights the difficult journey of refugees around the world and shows how Catholic sisters are helping along every stage.

At every stage in the Seeking Refuge series, GSR found sisters and people working with them. They aid refugees in settlements and camps in Uganda and Jordan. They assist asylum seekers in the United States. They help resettle refugees in Europe and the U.S. heartland and find ways to work around increasingly hostile government policies designed to repel those who seek safety and economic opportunity. They restore dignity and a sense of hope to people whose dreams are dashed by deportation. For many, this is a decades-long ministry, but in the GSR reporting this year, there is a new urgency and a new inspiration.

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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.