2022 Assembly


RENATE Working Board Meeting in Albania


From 9th until 16th March 2015, the Working Board of RENATE have their annual meeting in Durrës, Albania. It is planned that during this time there will be an opportunity to experience the work of the Albanian people working in the field of anti-trafficking and to learn from them of the many challenges which they face and the actions being taken. The Working Board is privileged to have the opportunity to become exposed to a new cultural reality. The Working Board of RENATE will be strategically planning for the future, addressing the question of internal structures, communications, training programmes, finance, rapid response on behalf of our beneficiaries in the field, and ensuring that a realistic plan of action is in place which can be implemented over the next calendar year. We would like to thank our generous donors who enabled the implementation of the second year of our Action Plan and for continuing this support into the future.