2022 Assembly


RENATE Members “Different and Equal” participating in Europe Week 2024 in Shiroka, Albania.


During Europe Week 2024 in Shiroka Albania, representatives from Shkodra Municipality, NGOs, EU projects, and local artisans joined forces, emphasizing their commitment to progress and unity in Albania.

A significant project discussed was “Consolidation of Victim Empowerment Systems in Albania @ Shkodra (TVESA@Sh)” led by RENATE members within Different and Equal, along with Shkodra Municipality and KMOP – Center for Social Action and Innovation (Greece). This project, funded by the EU Program “Support for Social Inclusion in Albania,” aims to strengthen support for victims in the region.

These collaborative efforts demonstrate a dedication to improving communities, empowering individuals, and promoting social cohesion, aligning with the EU’s vision for an inclusive society. The successful execution of such initiatives represents progress toward social inclusion and sustainable development in Albania.

Congratulations to all involved on such a successful event!