2022 Assembly


RENATE member Sr. Dalia Verbyle SJE, talks on national radio about the possibilities for awareness raising, prevention and supports for survivors of human trafficking in Lithuania.


In Lithuania, there is a growing understanding in society that Human trafficking is both a local and a a global issue. Kristina Misieniene from The Centre Against Human Trafficking and Exploitation and Sr. Dalia Verbyle SJE, as RENATE members, were interviewed about this problem on Mary’s Radio in Lithuania, during the broadcast called “Topicalities.” 
Sr. Dalia presented the biblical theme of leaving slavery, citing two examples, one of Moses being sent by God: “Go and save your own people!” and another example being Mary and her Great Magnificat as a hymn of freedom. Pope Francis’ message was also referenced: “No more slaves, just sisters and brothers!”  Sr. Dalia spoke about RENATE, as a Religious Network in Europe working against Human Trafficking and Exploitation, continuing the work of God in the contemporary, modern world.
Kristina emphasised some practical issues encountered by those working with human trafficking in Lithunia, examples being the lack of cooperation between the institutions and the absence of shelters for victims.  Both Dalia and Kristina, as members of Renate were looking for the possibilities of how the Church in Lithuania, especially Religious communities, could become safe places of shelter for the victims of human trafficking. Publicity about this possibility is very important, so there is a need to have a website, teaching, shelter/s, films, discussions, broadcasts, movement and actions like daily prayers for the victims. These would be good foundations upon which to build a supportive network in Lithuania.
Sr. Dalia Verbyle SJE
Kaunas, Lithunia
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.