2022 Assembly


RENATE member awarded Lithuania Woman Of Courage.


Ms. Natalja Kurcinskja, Director of the Missing Person’s Families support Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania, was presented with the Courageous woman award for dedication to the subject of missing children . Ms. Anne Hall, US Ambassador to Lithuania, presented the award and congratulated Natalja for her exemplary courage and tirelessness in continuing to bring the spotlight on the plight of missing children in Lithuania and the impact on the families of those who are reported missing.
The Centre collaborates with Civil Society and Government in order to reduce the numbers of those who fall victim to human trafficking and will hold a number of collaborative initiatives throughout the coming year. More information about the work at the Centre, at:

Dingusių žmonių šeimų paramos centras/ Missing Persons’ Families Support Centre
Žaliųjų ežerų g.85,
LT – 08403, Vilnius,
Lietuva/ Lithuania.
Tel/Fax: 8 (5) 248 33 73.
Mob: +370 692 99 570.
Dingo vaikas? Skambink 116 000. Visoje ES veikiantis NEMOKAMAS pagalbos telefonas, skirtas dingusių vaikų artimiesiems.
Missing child? Call 116 000. Free helpline for missing children relatives in all Europe. www.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.