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RENATE friend and associate, Sr. Bibiana Ovwigho (COSUDOW) shares about her work in anti-trafficking awareness-raising, prevention and support to survivors.



Sr. Bibiana (left) and her colleagues. Photo courtesy of sarah Haaij.
Sr. Bibiana (left) and her colleagues. Photo courtesy of sarah Haaij.

In a newspaper article published 25 May 2018 by the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw (European Newspaper Award winner 2012), Sr. Bibiana Ovwigho shares about the ongoing need for vigilance and care in anti-trafficking work in Nigeria, as girls continue to fall victim to the prospect of thinking there is a better life in Europe than at home.
With the title Benin City is empty: why the trafficking of women from Africa to Europe cannot be stopped, Sr. Bibiana talks about her work in Benin city and the shelter that is almost always full as girls receive support to break free of the cycle of trafficking and the sex trade.
The personal stories of several girls informs the newspaper article, who tell of harrowing experiences on the migratory routes from Libya and on the streets in Italy. But thanks to the shelter, the girls are quick to emphasise the value of the vocational training available as a concrete support which helps them find meaningful employment and ultimately keep them off the streets.
Following the very public commitment of the governor of Edo State last August, to actively combat human trafficking, Sr. Bibiana is hopeful that eventually young girls will have the possibilities to make a life for themselves at home in Nigeria.
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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.