2022 Assembly


News from Albania – RENATE’s Country Group from Albania meet to discuss updates and future planning, 28th April 2023.


On Friday 28th April 2023, 15 members of the RENATE Albania Country group met to discuss and plan updates and future activities for RENATE Albania.

At this meeting, the group welcomed new members, selected a country representative for the Working Board meeting, taking place June 2023, discussed ongoing RENATE projects, including awareness raising in schools and the law research, and planned for future activities and engagements.

Gazmir Memaj was selected as the representative for Albania for the Working Board meeting and will gather with all other Working Board country representatives in St. Ottillien on the 5th-9th June 2023.

After a dynamic and engaging discussion on the challenges faced by the country group, potential methods to overcome these challenges, and strategic forward planning, the group will meet again on 27th June 2023.