2022 Assembly


New RENATE Network Core group elected


The RENATE Working Board are pleased to announce the names of the newly elected Core  group.

This election took place at the Working Board meeting 8-13 May 2022, in Ravenstein,  the Netherlands, following a prayerful discernment process.  

The following named members of the new RENATE core group will formally assume office at  the RENATE General Assembly, in Fatima, Portugal, 13-19 November 2022: 

  1. Mrs. Ardita Keraj Korriku (Albania). 
  2. Ms. Ivonne van de Kar (the Netherlands).  
  3. Judit Knab, CJ, (Hungary).  
  4. Mr. Jakup Sabedini (Kosovo).  
  5. Mrs. Joanna Terzieva (Bulgaria).  
  6. Marie Power, HFB, (UK).  
  7. Ms. Rania Ioakeimidou (Greece).  

In the meantime, the new Core group will convene to elect, from within their membership,  three colleagues who will form the RENATE Presidential team. Together, the New Core  Group and within this group, the new Presidential Team, will draw upon their collective  gifts and talents to implement the new mandate coming forth from the Assembly of RENATE  in November 2022. 

L to R: Joana Terzieva, Marie Power, HFB, Judit Knab, CJ, Ardita Korriku Keraj, Ivonne van de Kar, Rania Ioakeimidou & Jakup Sebedini.

We heartily congratulate the team who, we know, will bring a collective wealth of experience to the role. RENATE invites your prayers for this new team that they may be filled with fortitude and wisdom as they prepare for this new call to mission as the  upcoming leadership team of RENATE.