2022 Assembly


Medaille Trust shares about the value of Art-Therapy as trafficking survivors recover and heal.


Featured are some examples of art-work created by women participating in art-therapy sessions with a voluntary Art-Therapist student at one of the Medaille Trust Safe Houses in the UK, for whom the Trust is appreciative.

Through the art-therapy sessions, the Trust’s clients have been able to express and explore their experiences. The Trust share that the women have used the sessions to not only depict their journeys but also their hopes for the future.

In the picture depicting the candle with the red cross, the client describes the pillar and the red cross as symbolizing her pain and imprisonment during her trafficking. the flame is the light of the police and ambulance when they rescued her, burning away those who had hurt her. The yellow background with the red and green vines symbolise her current state, where she feels safe, happy and free to flourish.

RENATE are grateful to the Medaille Trust for sharing this insight and hope that other members of RENATE might share examples of their respective art-therapy programmes, with a view to showcasing some of the works on the RENATE website, with the permission of the artists.

Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.