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March of Survivors – “Le Nid” Movement, Strasbourg – May/June 2018. Report from Marie Hélène Halligon, OLCGS.


The wonderful initiative March of Survivors, was organized by Le Nid Movement, on the occasion of this special commemorative year: slavery has been abolished 170 years ago! It is always an event which stirs ones emotions at the deepest level.
Before this March of Survivors took place, an Exhibition, « L’Envol » (meaning when several birds are taking flight together) was organized in collaboration with « Imagora. » The exhibition lasted several weeks, shown on the walls of the Department Hall in Strasbourg, where we attended the Conference given by Grégoire Théry (CAP International) on Monday, 4 June, to celebrate their fantastic effort.
Our Good Shepherd community was able to support the event at its beginning… and throughout!
On the 25 May, we waited in front of the Bas-Rhin Department Hall for the official start of this march. Friends, walkers and representatives of the authorities were present before the hour to welcome the brave: 10 steps, 300 kilometers to “make visible these invisible women” and raise awareness about every stage of prostitution and human trafficking.
With the help of Facebook, we accompanied them on the journey as you can see on the poster, but we could not feel the fatigue, the solidarity, the good atmosphere, the resources, the search for places to sleep (at hostels, at Sisters’ convents …) the effort to leave together each morning, the walkers or the young people met and sharing. A walk that “healed” one of the survivors from the desert walk she had taken to Libya, without shoes, water or food, in a hostile environment and with sometimes hostile companions …
Grégoire Théry painted the picture of the aberrations of a legislation that fights against the Trafficking in Human Beings, but does not include prostitution, through practical “arrangements” to continue to satisfy the demand for sexual services. Several countries – including France – have abolitionist legislation, but are slow to implement.
Rozen and her friends are considering a European march, and why not name it ‘’World Survivors’’…more to follow!
Please find below the article in French language:
La marche des survivantes – Mouvement du Nid, Strasbourg – Mai/juin 2018