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Jeden Svet in Slovakia: Topic of HT at the Festival of Documentary Films


Jeden Svet Film Festival in Slovakia, 17-22 March 2014
Jeden Svet Film Festival in Slovakia, 17-22 March 2014

The seventh edition of The Jeden Svet (One World) Film Festival took place in Prievidza, Slovakia from 17th till 22nd March. This year its major theme was human rights and one of the specific topics was human trafficking. Participants could watch twenty seven documentaries which included two films about modern day slavery. These were: “Na bulvári zlomených snov” (On the boulevard of the broken dreams) and “0800 800 818” (Slovakian production). On Wednesday, 19th March Sr. Bohdana Bezáková, Manager of Stop Human Trafficking Project and Member of RENATE led discussion about this phenomenon. She unveiled campaign “Ľudia nie sú na predaj – GIFT box Slovakia” (People are not for sale – GIFT box Slovakia) in the House of Culture of Prievidza. This campaign was organised in collaboration with Stop The Traffick, Global OSN Initiative and Caritas. The aim is to draw attention of Slovakian citizens on the issue and inform about potential risks of travelling and accepting dream job offers from abroad.
Sr. Bohdana Bezáková introduces "GIFT box Slovakia"
Sr. Bohdana Bezáková introduces “GIFT box Slovakia”

More information about Film Festival in Slovakia available here: Jeden Svet