2022 Assembly


Imagining Leadership in a Global Community- Patricia Murray, IBVM, Executive Director, UISG.


As a practical theologian, Patricia moves into the world of the imagination as she reflects upon leadership in today’s global community in the light of God’s word.

Working from the dimension of a globalized connected world, Patricia brings us on a journey where we reflect on a fundamental question ‘Who are we as women Religious in today’s world?’’ To help in this reflection, Patricia suggests the following 6 actions or steps.

1. Widen the tent of our hearts;

2. Be present at the borderlands;

3. Embrace vulnerability;

4. Celebrate our luxurious cultural diversity;

5. Engage in web-watching and web-weaving;

6. Listen to the long notes.

For more, please find the UISG Bulletin 171, 2020, where you will find Patricia’s reflection on pp. 24, in addition to a number of other valuable features.