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EYBA publish directory of Pro Bono Lawyers to support displaced Ukrainians


The European Young Bar Association (EYBA), a non-profit association of young legal professionals, has assembled a task force of pro bono lawyers dedicated to offering assistance to Ukrainian citizens and other persons fleeing Ukraine.

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military in February, more than two million refugees have fled the country. Although heartening scenes of generosity and hospitality have been demonstrated by neighbouring Poland and many other nearby countries receiving displaced persons across their borders, much work is needed to help these people gain a footing in the processes of claiming asylum and become better-established in their new communities.

The multinational task force is made up of lawyers practicing in several of the European countries receiving the highest volumes of refugees. Collectively, they muster expertise in these respective countries’ separate legal systems in migration law, human  rights and refugee law. These experts are offering free advice and assistance in collating documentation to help refugees navigate their rights and processes of asylum within their countries of refuge.

EYBA have published a directory of contacts for the task force, which can be found here.