2022 Assembly


Do Disturb – radio documentary on human trafficking.


Tune in to Newstalk 106 – 108FM this Sunday 5th July at 07:00 (UK time) and again on Saturday 11th July at 21:00 (UK time) to hear the documentary, Do Disturbwhich looks at the global issue of Human Trafficking, also known as modern day slavery.

Patricia Baker, of Curious Broadcast ( ) who recorded the broadcast, shares that

‘’Halfway through making this documentary our worlds changed dramatically with the impact of COVID-19.  As I continued to make the documentary, I became increasingly aware of how the world of those trafficked, the people existing as modern day slaves, was now sinking further into the darkness. 

When I first heard the statistics – over 40 million adults and children are currently enslaved worldwide –  I could not comprehend it. I felt shame when I realised that Ireland was far from immune from this global catastrophe. Do Disturb looks at the importance of increasing public awareness and understanding of Human Trafficking, and hears from an Irish charity MECPATHS ( Mercy Efforts for Child Protection Against Trafficking with the Hospitality Sector) that are working alongside the hospitality sector to bring awareness to this issue.

MECPATHS Ireland was co-founded by RENATE member, Mary Ryan, RSM and employs RENATE members JP O Sullivan & Ms. Ann Mara.

A link to the podcast will be available after the broadcast.   

The documentary maker can be contacted at