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Council of Europe Best practices video


Council of Europe- Best Practices to help children recognise and report sex-abuse.

Despite COVID-19, we are hearing about increased incidences of exploitation and human trafficking of children and minors. This is mainly due to the increase in online activity as countless thousands resort to the internet, as a means of distraction during the times of lockdown and restrictions.   

An estimated one child in five is a victim of sexual abuse. In the majority of cases, the abuser is someone close to, and trusted by, the child. How can we prevent such abuse? How can we equip our children to be aware in the first instance and pre-empt their vulnerability to sexual abuse online and in person? 

In the link below, you will find a 12 minute video illustrating good practices in three member states of the Council of Europe: Iceland, Cyprus and France.

In Iceland, we see how children can be put at ease by a friendly environment which makes it easier to talk about abuse that has already taken place.

In Cyprus and France, representatives from the Council of Europe visit  schools to learn how children are taught to talk more freely on this sensitive subject.

(The Lanzarote Convention requires the criminalisation of all sexual offences against children). 

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