2022 Assembly


Continuing support to RENATE Country members in Albania.


Following from the first RENATE Country group meeting in Albania in early April, a particular outcome was the suggestion of the possibilities of training for members in the area of Public Relations and specifically in connection with devising reports and other instruments.

In this regard our colleagues at the Arise Foundation- already known to many of us because of their ongoing generous support to Religious working to combat Human Trafficking- will offer training on the topic “Reporting and Effective Communication of NGOs,” supported by Renata.

The training takes place at the Sarajevo Hotel, Kosovo, on 27 June next and runs from 09:00 a.m. to 16:00. Jess Templeman, Head of Programmes and Training at the ARISE Foundation, will facilitate the day.

Training will be conducted in English. For members who have difficulties in this language, simultaneous translation will be provided.

For more on the ARISE Foundation: