2022 Assembly


Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the AMARANTA SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION, Spain.


E-Bulletin No. 12.    September 2017.
‘’Dear Sisters:
It is a pleasure for me to invite you to our Anniversary party on September 19th. We will celebrate 10 years of the AMARANTA SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION, on a path that did not start here, but began with the our congregation.
We want this to be a space of thanksgiving for this congregational initiative to respond to the realities of exclusion, violence and lack of rights for women, in a world of ever-changing structures. Ten years of searching for a new way of being in society as Sister Adorers.
The illusion of taking the history and the life of Micaela very far has encouraged us. We have tried to learn from their passion and courage “for them everything is little done to me”. So step by step we have reached this time.
WOMEN WHO NEVER GIVE UP, was the motto we gave to our Foundation. Sisters Adorers on the way and walking. Without pause.
For all this I invite you to be present, physically, mentally or spiritually, in any way you can. Yes, have us in your heart and in your prayers. 
We wait for you. An affectionate hug.
 Pilar Casas Navarro.’’