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‘Caught in the Net’: the disturbing Czech documentary film about online sexual predators


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Caught in the Net (Czech: V síti) is a 2020 Czech documentary film by Vít Klusák about sexual predators on the internet. The film documents three actresses pretending to be adolescent girls on social media who are contacted by sexual predators that try to seduce them and start sending them photos of their genitalia. Sexual predators appearing in the film attracted focus of police after the release of the film and at least one of them was convicted at the court.

This film is a social film experiment in which those who steal the innocence of children fall into their own traps. The documentary, opening the hitherto taboo topic of online child abuse. Statistics show that the problem is becoming bigger with each passing day, unfortunately, awareness remains low.

The film released on 27 February 2020 and quickly became the best grossing Czech documentary film.[8] An edited version for schools was released under name Caught in the Net: Behind School (Czech: V síti: Za školou). An uncensored version called Caught in the Net 18+ premiered on 9 July 2020. One of the sexual predators contacted a lawyer in an attempt to prevent release of the uncensored version.