2022 Assembly


Bishop Gallagher calls on Europe to rebuild an ethical foundation


Bishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States, reflected on the theme “What vision of Europe today?” during his speech, held on January 7 at the Faculty of Theology in Strasbourg.  Bishop Gallagher was speaking on the occasion of the interdisciplinary days organized in Strasbourg on the theme “Building Europe together”, in the context of the 50th anniversary of the entry of the Holy See into the Council of the Europe.

He first recalled that this year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights, which was adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on November 4, 1950, and “which constitutes a real cornerstone for the protection of people from any violation of human rights.

Bishop Gallagher’s reflection covered the following themes- all of which are connected to the responsibility to prevent and combat Human Trafficking. Bishop Gallagher’s reflection also emphasizes the importance and necessity of the voice of the Church at the Council of Europe.

Protection of the human person, a priority in Europe.

Un positionnement construit sur une base théologique et anthropologique.

The importance of a renewed educational ambition.

Overcoming misunderstandings about migration.

The interreligious dimension.

The intercultural approach.

The ethical approach.

The political approach.

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