2022 Assembly


Attendance at Innovation Management and Innovation Culture (IMIC) WORKSHOP- the ERSTE NGO Academy Foundation. Sr. Stanka Oršolić, snd.


The workshop Innovation Management and Innovation Culture (IMIC) took place from 28- 29 March, 2018, at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Thanks to RENATE, I participated in my fourth workshop organized by the ERSTE NGO Academy Foundation so far. Previous workshops covered Leadership; Successfully leading teams and oneself;  Organizational design for 21st century. The trainer of this most recent IMIC workshop was Mr. Björn Schmitz, owner of the consulting firm Phil!iomondo and an expert in innovation management, business planning, collaboration, scaling and organizational development.
The following are key areas from the IMIC workshop, which we had the opportunity to discuss and analyse from the context of the challenges we encounter in our daily work time:

  1. Some approaches for creating and realizing ideas;
  2. How our innovation fits with the customer’s demands;
  3. Analysis of our organizational culture and innovation management;
  4. Reflection on our leadership style.

In this IMIC workshop I had an opportunity:

  1. to present the work of RENATE;
  2. to meet new colleagues from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Austria. I was also able to share different experiences and to discuss about the daily issues in our work-places and try to discover new approaches to resolving problems;
  3. to learn about innovation management and innovation and to face it with design thinking challenge;
  4. to come up with ideas and concepts which should help me in my life;
  5. to conduct self-assessment and recognise my personal leadership style.

Therefore I am happy and grateful to have been able to attend this workshop!
Sr. Stanka Oršolić