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Contre La Traite des Êtres Humains: October 2021


The October edition of the Newsletter focuses upon the importance of raising awareness amongst youths, who are forced or at risk of committing crimes. 

Comprising a narrative about the realities as experienced by youths firsthand, the Newsletter informs about a card game resource, entitled   C’est toi le boss. The card game was designed by Hors la Rue for use as an educational card game for minors who are forced to commit or are at risk of committing crimes.  The card game aims to inform and educate young people as well as to initiate dialogue on the specific issues they frequently encounter. 

The card game revolves around:

  • “Situation” maps evoking the personal, legal, exploitation or health issues that minors may encounter.
  • “Solution” cards illustrating the actors who can help young people according to the difficulties they face.

In addition to news about the Card game, the Newsletter is a rich resource bank of information on numerous initiatives associated with anti-human trafficking. Just click on any of the tiles online for further information. 

Full Newsletter: