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United Kingdom pledges 33.5 million pounds to help stop human trafficking


UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced the creation of a new task force to coordinate the British government’s response to modern slavery and has pledged 33.5 million pounds in support of the initiative.
In 2015, as UK Home Secretary, Mrs. May introduced the Modern Slavery Act, leading the way for other countries to develop legislation against Modern Slavery.
Mrs. May said: “This government is determined to build a Great Britain that works for everyone and will not tolerate modern slavery, an evil trade that shatters victims’ lives and traps them in a cycle of abuse.’’
Dr. Mike Emberson, CEO of the Medaille Trust in the UK which currently operates nine shelter/support houses where victims of human trafficking can find refuge and both physical and mental aid, said the Trust is ‘’…delighted with the recent announcement on human trafficking and modern slavery made by the Prime Minister, Theresa May. Her willingness to continue the fight against this evil after her elevation from Home Secretary is reassuring and unlike many other politicians she is backing up her words with action. £33.5m is a considerable sum for international ‘upstream work’ and we look forward to involvement in this work if required.’’
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Adapted and compiled by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.