2022 Assembly

The liturgy


Human Trafficking 2018
Creator of each one and all of us, we pray with those religious leaders who joined together to create a Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery.
Reading of the Declaration
Silent Contemplation
Through awareness and action, ordinary, everyday people recognize and reach out to those still being trafficked and to those who have escaped the trap of trafficking.  Let’s listen to these real-life supportive stories.
Ponder; Sharing of Ponderings
 Which of these stories especially touched you?  Why? 
Sharing Ponderings
Litany of Thanksgiving
Response:  We give thanks for these aware and compassion-in-action individuals.
We give thanks for the religious leaders—Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox—for the Declaration at the beginning of this ritual and for their actions on behalf of trafficked persons
We give thanks for Alika Kinan from Argentina, a survivor of human trafficking,  who continues to work for greater access to services such as education, housing, job training, medical services for those who still are or have been trafficked
We give thanks for Leonardo Sakamoto, a journalist in Brazil, who established an NGO to monitor and combat forced labor in Brazil
We give thanks for Kathariina Rosenblatt who is a survivor of sex trafficking and works to prevent trafficking of children in the United States
We give thanks for all educators, lawmakers, advocates, police, medical personnel, neighbors, all concerned individuals who are committed to ending sex and labor trafficking despite opposition and even threats to their lives
We give thanks for all who take seriously the advice regarding anti-trafficking, “If you see something, say something”
We give thanks for those who open their eyes, recognize those trafficked who are hidden in plain sight, and act.  They find trafficked persons in the apparel industry, apple orchards, bars, beauty salons, brothels, citrus fields, construction, dairy farms, domestic help, fishing boats, food processing, food trucks, forced commercial sex, hotels, landscaping, lawn care, mines, motels, nail salons, nannies, pornographic production, restaurants, seasonal occupations, strip clubs, truck stops and…
We give thanks for all those who remember in their prayers those trafficked, those who are the traffickers, and those companioning those who have been trafficked
Shared Silence
Let us pray for insight, courage and compassion as we go back to our own everyday lives, more aware of opportunities for action regarding victims of human trafficking.  (Raise both hands in blessing over all gathered and say together this blessing adapted from Isaiah.)
The Spirit of God is upon us,
For the Exalted One has anointed us.
God has sent us to bring good news
 to those who are in poverty,
to those needing healing for broken hearts,
to proclaim release to those held captive. 
Created by Rose Mary Meyer, BVM; Project IRENE                                                                                                                                                                                      
National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline
888 373 7888