2022 Assembly

Help in Slovakia


1. Where can I go to access help relating to Human Trafficking in Slovakia?

Caritas Slovakia
Tel: +421 800 800 818 and on facebook: Stop obchodovaniu s ľuďm
NON STOP Helpline: +421 903 704 784
International Organisation for Migration

National Helpline for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings 0800 800 818

Since 1 July 2008 IOM is operating the National Helpline for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings within the Programme of Support and Protection for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings, financed by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. Technical operation of the helpline is financially supported by the company T-Mobile Slovakia.
0800 800 818 is a free telephone line operated on working days from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Outside working hours there is always an answering machine available: if necessary the caller can leave his/her telephone number and the telephone line operators will subsequently contact him/her back. The helpline is accessible also from abroad at +421 800 800 818 for a regular international call charge.
The objective of the national helpline is to provide assistance and information to persons who might be or get into risk situations in connection with trafficking in human beings. The helpline provides contact for organisations or institutions which can provide the most rapid and effective assistance in these crisis situations. Alternatively callers are offered a possibility of using the services of IOM Programme of Return and Reintegration of Trafficked Persons. Furthermore, services of the helpline are focused on prevention and elimination of risks associated with working abroad (verification of a job agency, consultation about the work contract, verification of legality of agency fees etc.) and callers are warned about the danger of trafficking in human beings. Thus the helpline at the same time serves as a tool for the prevention of risks associated with labour migration of vulnerable groups in the population.

2.Where do I get information about immediate care for a rescued victim in Europe?


3. Where do I get information about the rehabilitation process for victims of Human Trafficking?

After 1989 Slovakia became the country of origin and transit, from and through which the victims of trafficking in human beings are sold to the countries of Western Europe. In recent years, there is information emerging that Slovakia is becoming a country of destination where the victims from third world countries are abused.  This information is despite the fact that foreigners have so far not been identified as victims in the territory of Slovakia. The main factors supporting the increase in trafficking in human beings in the countries of destination are: demand for cheap labour force, demand for sexual services and connection to other types of criminal activities. Trafficking in human beings, in the countries of origin, is conditioned by the lack of job opportunities, weak social environment, and the low level of education etc.
Return and Reintegration Programme for Trafficked Persons:
Assistance with the return to the country of origin:

  • arranging of travel tickets,
  • arranging of travel documents and/or transit visas if necessary (in cooperation with the Slovak consular offices in the country of destination),
  • verification of necessary documents,
  • providing information related to details about transport and procedures immediately after the return and providing a list of necessary contacts and services in Slovakia,
  • escort to the place of departure by IOM staff or a referring organisation,
  • pick-up and escort from the place of arrival in Slovakia,
  • arranging of escorts throughout the whole journey in the case of minor victims or persons deprived of legal capacity.

Joining the programme
After the return to Slovakia or at the first meeting IOM will invite a trafficked person to join their Programme. Joining the Programme is voluntary on the condition of severance of contacts with the criminal environment. The assistance is provided based on an individual reintegration plan developed in cooperation with the client.
Reintegration assistance
Reintegration assistance can be provided only after the client joins the programme, i.e. only with his/her voluntary consent. The particular types of reintegration assistance are provided on an individual basis. More often, the assistance includes the following types of services:

  • health assistance, e.g. general health assessment, gynaecological examination, tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases including treatment etc.,
  • psychological counselling, e.g. psychological and psychiatric examination, longer-term individual or therapeutic care including family therapy etc.,
  • social counselling and assistance, e.g. assistance in contacting the local administration (obtaining necessary documents, social and health insurance etc.), assistance with orientation in the social system etc.,
  • legal counselling, e.g. preparing the legal analysis of the client’s case, representing and accompanying during legal acts,
  • arranging a protected housing,
  • labour integration, e.g. possibility of short-term internship with an employer,
  • financial allowance to cover specific (basic) living needs during the certain period.
  • For a trafficked person – foreigner the services, in addition to those mentioned above, also include legalisation of residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic (including a possibility of obtaining a permanent residence), interpretation and comprehensive care provided during the period of client’s preparation for return to the country of origin in case the client expresses his/her interest in voluntary return.