2022 Assembly

Help in Croatia


1. Where can I go to access help relating to Human Trafficking in Croatia?

PETRA Network
SOS line: 0800 77 99
ROSA Centre for Women War Victims – part of PETRA Network
(only for female victims of trafficking)
Croatian Red Cross – national shelter for adult victims of trafficking, male and female

2. Where do I get information about immediate care for a rescued victim in Europe?

Immediate care for VoT in Croatia – we follow the procedures according to the established NRM and Protocol on identification and basic assistance to VoTs :
– after the (potential) VoT is identified, police will inform the mobile teams coordinator in order to organize and provide assistance and protection to VoT.
– two designated mobile team members will interview the victim and offer assistance which VoT must accept. If the victim doesn’t accept our assistance on first interview she is given a reflection period of 1 mth.
– after the VoT has accepted the assistance, usually s/he will be accommodated in the nearest Reception Center, if there is no need for emergency medical check up or something similar.
– a needs assessment will be done and the following steps will depend on the results of this assessment.
– in practice, VoT can get any medical examination, psychiatric assistance and the service of a psychologist, psycho social support, humanitarian help, accommodation in a Shelter, support when giving testimony as a witness in front of the state attorney or the court .
– for those who want to go back to their countries of origin, safe return will be organized according to the Protocol on safe return of victims of trafficking.

3. Where do I get information about rehabilitation process for victims of human trafficking?

For VoT who have decided to stay in a programme (or Croatia for foreigners), for a longer period, there is a possibility to participate in a reintegration programme. For foreign VoT, status in Croatia must be regulated and a residence permit for humanitarian reasons, will be obtained. Most of VoT express a willingness to finish school or to participate in some vocational training in order to have a better chance for future employment.
For VoT who is in bad psycho-physical condition there is a possibility to have regular psychotherapy in order to recover and stabilize.  However, an individual reintegration programme will be done for each victim. There is no standardize reintegration (rehabilitation) programme in Croatia.
Also, if the victim wants, we can support her/him after leaving the Shelter or provide an assistance programme according to a mutual agreement on what is still needed for the victim.