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International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking. 8th February 2018. Feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita.


The annual RENATE campaign in honour of St. Bakhita is under way and we invite members to share their plans for events due to take place to mark the occasion. News of events will be shared amongst the network, via the RENATE website. Please forward to

Events to mark the feast of St. Bakhita, 2018. The International day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking:

St. Bakhita in the spotlight at TV2000, Rome.
RENATE member, Sr. Tina Ventimiglia, shares with us her participation in an interview panel hosted by TV2000, Rome, discussing Human Trafficking and contemporary society.
Full programme at:

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.
Event in Albania, 8 February, 2018- In honour of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, feast of St. Bakhita.

Archbishop George OP Background of Art painted by Trafficked people at Shelter D&E

This year the theme for Bakhita Day: ‘’Say YES to Freedom and No to slavery: Migration without Trafficking’’, attracted many people to come and be present at the cathedral of St Paul in the heart of Tirana, Albania.  This theme concerns all of us in every corner of the world.  Here in Albania we have refugee camps and the country struggles to bring real justice to the many people coming through our borders. Thousands of Albanians are now refugees all over Europe and some caught up in the nightmare of human trafficking. This day helped us to focus on the details and the suffering, asking for pardon as we own our participation in such a global crime. The evening event was led by the Albanian network against human trafficking called URAT.
Both the Archbishop of Tirana, George Frendo OP and the Government Minster against Human Trafficking, Rovena Voda, spoke movingly and with passion during this service, highlighting the many issues related to Human Trafficking and reflecting the stories which lead to such trauma. All members of the network participated in the evening event and bought with them many members of their organisations who are part of this ongoing effort to eliminate the world of human trafficking. The evening worship consisted of a shortened form of that compiled by Talitha Kum in Rome. It included the wearing of wrist bands distributed during the evening declaring our involvement ‘’Yes to Freedom and No to slavery’’, a film made locally on Safe Migration by MWL and two Power Points. One of these PP’s expressed the horror of the plight of refugees all over the world and the other, which was addressed by students from the Company of Mary School called ‘’Ylber’’,  illustrated the many pieces of art work produced by the students as an anti-trafficking awareness raising campaign in the school. All the prayers and readings illustrated the plight of the trafficked and the need for all people to take action against such a crime and we were called to be in union with Pope Francis who is leading us in this action.

The service in Albania involved a call to action in support of the refugees in the local camp in Tirana.  All those present were invited to contribute to the care and the demanding upkeep of the many people from countries, mainly in the Middle East, who are resident in this centre.  URAT, the Albanian network against trafficking, which meets monthly at Mary Ward Loreto, will implement this action within the next month. This will be in collaboration with the director of the refugee camp.The pictures of the evening, focusing on this issue, reflect very much the mood of the evening.
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RENATE member Sr. Joanna Lipowska, fmm, sends us news from the Bakhita Network in Poland, in honour of St. Bakhita’s Feast Day, 8th February 2018.

This year, as part of the preparations for the 4th International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, the St. Bakhita Network in Poland prepared a special Novena to St. Bakhita, which began on 30th January and will last until 7th February.
The Novena to St. Bakhita for the victims of human trafficking and for the cessation of all forms of slavery was addressed, along with an appeal, to a wide audience. Many religious Congregations and communities in Poland join in this prayer. Thanks to the Conference of Major Superiors, the letter written by us – the Bakhita Network – was delivered to all Congregations in Poland.
The novena was also published on many Catholic websites. Some parishes, various community groups, school youth (we informed catechists) and individual people also join in this prayer.
On the 8th February, in the memory of St. Bakhita and to be mindful about Modern Slavery, holy masses and services will be celebrated in many places. In several cities there will be a screening of the film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, followed by a meeting about counteracting human trafficking. For these occasions, small leaflets with brief information on human trafficking prevention have been printed for distribution.
The members of the Bakhita Network, their collaborators and friends are responsible for organising most of those events.
All materials are available at:  ;
8 Feb 18 Poland Novena Nowenna do św. Bakhity_PDF
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.
RENATE member, Sr. Tina Ventimiglia shares the poster prepared by her community, inviting everyone to join them in prayer at 20.00 at Cappella San Giuseppe lavoratore, Padua on the 8th February.

In partnership with the Clewer Initiative, the Medaille Trust are holding an evening of reflection, thought-provoking presentations, music and prayer, to commemorate St. Bakhita’s feast-day, 8 February. The event will take place in the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral, St. James Mount, L1 7AZ, Liverpool, commencing at 16:00.
Guest speakers include Mr. Garry Smith, newly appointed Chief Executive of the Medaille Trust, following the recently retired former Chief Executive, Mr. Mike Emberson and Reverend Christel Erving, Anti-Trafficking project coordinator for the Diocese of Liverpool.
There will be exhibition stands and literature from the Medaille Trust and the Clewer Initiative plus a craft stall of items for sale from the Mama Margaret anti-trafficking project, Kenya.
RSVP:    or call Richard on 0785 275 0082.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.
Events taking place in Albania in honour of St. Bakhita, 8 February 2018- International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking.
The URAT (United Response Against Trafficking) Network in Albania has prepared a Prayer and Liturgy Service which will be held at St. Paul’s cathedral, Tirana on the 8th of February. Confirmed attendance include the Deputy Minister of Interns/ National Co-ordinator against Trafficking in Persons, who will present a speech. Archbishop George Frendo will present the homely. 
Please find attached  the materials related to the event:   
Prayer Card;
The Liturgy Service;
The poster;
The invitation.
This year, the network has chosen to concentrate on the theme Migration without Trafficking, and will be supporting the National Asylum and Migration Centre in Babrru, Tirana by means of food, materials and goods for the refugees currently living there. This action will take place post St. Bakhita Day.
Watch this space for news and photographs!
Event in Hungary, 8 February, 2018- In honour of the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking, feast of St. Bakhita.
RENATE member Gabriella Légrádi, SCSC,  sends us a copy of the Flier announcing the Prayer Service organised by SOLWODI Hungary, which will be held in Budapest, 8 February 2018.
Beginning with a thirty minute time of silent prayer and reflection, the Jesuit community will lead the congregation in the celebration of Mass.
After Mass, there will be a talk about Human Trafficking, with input from a policewoman, a priest and also from a woman at a local shelter.
It is hoped that there will be a large turnout of people, to learn more about Human Trafficking and to pray together for the victims and the end of trafficking.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.
In honour of St. Bakhita, a series of talks at parishes is under way in Croatia.
RENATE member Viktorija Šimić, SCSC, shares her human trafficking awareness-raising actions to mark the feast of St. Bakhita, 8th February, 2018.
Commencing on the 25th January, Viktorija continues her visits to parishes and has arranged to visit six parishes from late January and throughout the month of February. Every Thursday, she will visit a different parish to give a talk about Human Trafficking and to pray with the parish priests and the assembly, for the victims and to bring an end to Human Trafficking. It is a source of great hope that the parish priests are receptive to the topic. 
An additional step has been the translation of the RENATE Information and Awareness-raising Flier, which has been translated into Croatian and which Viktorija has circulated to all the Religious communities (male and female) in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
‘’Let’s hope that this small step forward will help the Religious and the 
Church in general in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  to know more about human trafficking in order to pray more earnestly and to act accordingly.
May St Bakhita pray for us, and may God bless us.’’- Sr. Viktorija.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

Events to mark the feast of St. Bakhita, 2018. The International day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking. (Published on Friday, 19th of January):

APT Ireland (Act to Prevent Trafficking) have planned an Inter-Church service, to take place at St. Paul’s Church, Arran Quay in Dublin, on the evening of the 8 February. The theme will be ‘’Set my People Free,’’ with imagery of paper chains playing a central part of the evening.
The interactive service comprises reflections on Readings; Prayers and personal sharing. A brief drama will feature as part of the service and a guest speaker from RUHAMA will address those present.
The programme for the evening has been jointly prepared by APT and RENATE members with members of other organisations who share the same ministry in awareness-raising, advocacy, working against human trafficking and supporting survivors as they rebuild their lives.
See poster attached. APT Flier 2018
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.    

The RENATE Film Called to Give Voice to the Voiceless will be screened in St. Michael’s church in the city centre, as part of the plans to mark the 8th of February, feast-day of St. Bakhita and the International day of awareness and Prayer against Human Trafficking. RENATE member, Sr. Magdalena Eichinger, SSpS, sends us news of SOLWODI Austria’s plans in Vienna, in honour of the occasion.
Sr. Anna from SOLWODI, has prepared a prayer service which will take place at St. Michael’s church. Before the service, Sr. Anna, Sr. Magdalena and their colleagues will distribute information flyers in the streets and invite people to join the service and/or access more information which will be available in the foyer of the church.
The service will conclude with a screening of the RENATE film Called to give Voice to the Voiceless.
After the service, there will be a meeting of those attending, largely members from the different organisations involved in this ministry, with an opportunity to network and share experiences, whilst enjoying some refreshments.
8 February 2018 Poster SOLWODI Austria.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

Event to mark the feast of St. Bakhita, 2018, in Bratislava, Slovakia.
RENATE member Andrea Bezákovà, sends us news of plans to mark St. Bakhita’s feast day, 8 February 2018, as CHARITA Slovakia hold a Prayer Service at 19.30 in Bratislava, with music from the Taizé tradition performed by the Salvatoris Choir.
‘’Prayer leads to a deeper knowledge of the other, to knowledge that does not judge, but understands and is capable of suffering with others.’’ Anselm Grün, Benedictine monk.
For more:


Feast of St. Bakhita, 8 February 2018. ‘’Say YES to Freedom and No to Slavery.’’ (Published on Friday, 12th of January 2018):

In preparation for events to honour the feast of St. Bakhita, we invite you to participate in the annual RENATE Campaign to mark the International day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking and to share with us your plans and/or any event that you participated in or attended. .
A variety of events present themselves, ranging from; holding a Prayer Service; using the RENATE video ‘Called to Give Voice to the Voiceless;’ attendance at a Liturgy; giving a talk to a community; holding an awareness-raising event; keeping a Prayerful vigil and much more.   
Please find a link to Talitha Kum, for suggestions and information on the feast day
Also available from the USCSAHT (U.S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking), is their annual Calendar of Prayer, prepared by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, in the United States of America.


“Prayer and reflection vigil against Trafficking”

Theme 2018: Trafficking and migration

Commemoration of Saint Bakhita

Download the vigil

UISG has released its resources for The International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking 2018 which will be celebrated on 8 February. The theme is ‘Migration without trafficking’.
Access the resources in multiple languages here
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

Day of prayer and Reflection on Human Trafficking, Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross- Congregational Level. 25 November, 2017.


In recent years, the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, the International Congregation, have held a special Day every year when all Holy Cross Sisters living and working on four continents, reflect on the problem of human trafficking. They pray especially for the end of trafficking in women and girls and also pray for the victims. For a number of years, three Holy Cross Sisters have been members of RENATE: one from Czech Republic, one from Hungary, and one from Croatia.
At Congregation level, the Sisters became involved in the work against trafficking in 2008 when they had the General Chapter. On that occasion, Sister Eugenia Bonetti was invited to work with the Sisters who met in the Mother House in Switzerland to take part in the General Chapter. Later on, a group of Sisters from different Provinces was formed to see how Sisters can be more effectively involved in this work. Every Province and Vicariate was asked to name a Sister as coordinator for the Province or Vicariate. In September 2017 the 1st Conference of the coordinators took place in Switzerland, where the Sisters from four continents met, shared with each other about their work and reflected on further work in combating trafficking in people.  
The 25th November every year is just one of common things that the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross do. Isn’t it powerful to know that on that day thousands of Sisters united in the Spirit, pray to God with the same intention: to stop human trafficking and for the victims.
In their prayer this year, the Sisters from Croatia, asked the “God of beauty, freedom and truth, that the victims may be set free and that they experience inner healing.” The Sisters also prayed to God to hasten the day when people will no longer be slaves.
May the holy Sisters pray for us today to fulfil God’s will towards the needy as they did during their lives.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.

SOLWODI Romania celebrates the official opening of its new Counselling and education Centre in Bucharest.


Solwodi Romania had the privilege of celebrating some of its long partnerships on the occasion of the official opening of its new Counselling and Education Centre in Bucharest, for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. The new office – with a more generous space than the previous office – can now host individual and group counselling sessions, support groups, occupational therapy groups as well as various information and awareness raising activities. The opening ceremony took place on 21 October and began with the blessing of the house celebrated by Fr. Rossetto, followed by informal speeches and an open buffet with specialities  prepared by the Solwodi staff.
The opening of the new office was possible thanks to the help of kind and generous donors and sponsors who joined in Solwodi’s efforts to provide a higher level of support services to women and children in need.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

The Talitha Kum Strategic Plan 2015-2018 provides for the creation of courses for the qualification of Talitha Kum members in the service of leadership.


The Talitha Kum Strategic Plan 2015-2018 provides for the creation of courses for the qualification of Talitha Kum members in the service of leadership. 
The course will provide tools to enhance the skills that will support leaders in developing professional and relational skills, aimed at collaborating and managing activities. The course content includes leadership models, networking, programming and development, economic management, communication, fundraising. Participants will be required to present a final thesis at the end of the course.  This will serve the participant to find solutions to specific situations relevant to the network of which s/he is  part. From September, the site of the Pontificia Unversità Antonianum,  will be open the pre-registrations, which must be made online. The course will be recognized by the Antonianum Pontifical University.
Read more

"Fashion and/as a waste" – how to give new life to clothes as well as to people – clients of Caritas, especially victims of human trafficking. Mgr Jana Urbanová, STOP Human Trafficking Prevention Campaigns Coordinator.


On the 20th August last, the STOP Human Trafficking project organised its 2nd awareness- raising event in Caritas‘ beautiful gardens at the heart of the old city of Bratislava.  
Once again the event began with an unconventional fashion show which was followed by an auction.  
Caritas´ employees and volunteers of all sizes and ages,  modeled 16 outfits which were created from clothes and accessories donated to the Caritas´ Warehouse of Solidarity.’ 
Mgr Jana Urbanova, STOP Human Trafficking Prevention Campaigns Coordinator, has compiled an interesting report on this year’s fashion show, available below.
Please click here to read the full report: “Fashion and/as a waste” – How to give new life to clothes as well as to people – clients of Caritas, especially victims of human trafficking.

The juju curse that binds trafficked Nigerian women into sex slavery.


Traditional west African ‘healers’ and Sicilian psychiatrists are struggling to help free Nigerian women forced into prostitution.

Figure 1 Photograph: Francesco Bellina/Censura.

Prophetess Odasani says she drives out the spirits afflicting women who come to her backstreet ‘church’ in Palermo.
In an article which featured in The Guardian newspaper on Sunday, 3 September 2017, we learned about the juju curse binding women and girls from Nigeria into modern slavery. They are then trafficked to Europe and the UK, where according to the authors Lorenzo Tondo and Annie Kelly,  ‘’The abuse of religious and cultural belief systems in Nigeria has proved a deadly and effective control mechanism for traffickers involved in the recruitment of women destined for the sex trade in Europe.’’
Full article below: The juju curse that binds trafficked Nigerian women into sex slavery.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

CARITAS Slovakia and STOP Human Trafficking! attend the POHODA festival.


This year, STOP Human Trafficking again attended POHODA, the largest Slovak multi-genre festival, from the 6th to the 8th of July and counted about 30 thousands participants in attendance.
Together with other NGOs, Caritas Slovakia showcased projects which are underway around the world, as well as in Slovakia. The STOP Human Trafficking project was one of the main themes which people were impressed with.
The concept was to show two figurines – one representing a victim of human trafficking,  exploited for the purpose of forced prostitution and the other figurine dressed as a woman of Islamic belief. These two figurines symbolised the extent of the range of our charity services, regardless of client´s faith, race or appearance.
Many young people stopped by, had a talk with the representatives and showed their interest and support for the work.
Jana Urbanova, CARITAS Slovakia STOP Human Trafficking Preventions Campaign Coordinator, shared that they evaluated this experience as time of mutual inspiration and are already looking  forward to the next year´s festival!

The ‘’Close to you’’ YouTube video from Tennessee in the United States, may be helpful to you in any Human Trafficking awareness-raising activities.


The ‘’Close to you’’ YouTube video from Tennessee in the United States, may be helpful to you in any Human Trafficking awareness-raising activities. Please see below:

Preview YouTube video “Close to You”
“Close to You” – Tennessee is a leader in the fight against human trafficking
Prepared by Marie Helene Halligon, RENATE Core Group Member.

E-Bulletin No. 11. September 2017: Possibilities for grant-aid!


E-Bulletin No. 11. September 2017: Possibilities for grant-aid!
Dear friends,
Our colleagues at UNANIMA in their recent update, referred to the possibilities for NGO’s to avail of funds from the United Nation’s Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons.
The communication is as follows:
” The UN’s Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons has issued an invitation to NGOs aiding victims of human trafficking to submit a request for funding for their work. If you are working with this population and have a specific project that could benefit from a small grant, you are encouraged to submit a proposal, following the guidelines available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic in our online file, Trust Fund for TIP. Also in the file are a template proposal and the forms to be submitted with each proposal.”
We hope that this notification is helpful and that you will find it encouraging as you plan your work.  
With every good wish,
Communications Person,