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Update from Sabine Kallauch at KAVOD ministries


Dear all!

Since I was in Poland, I always had to think about the situation on the Romanian/Ukrainian border and I was worried about how it would go there. Then a colleague of mine, who is Romanian went there and also took our mother/child flyers and the flyers against human trafficking. He came back deeply moved and was very shocked about the condition of the volunteers. Many were totally exhausted and close to burnout. The Romanians, especially the Christians usually have a lot of prejudices against psychology, but the openness towards this subject was very high due to the situation. A boy whom nobody could calm down because he had such a panic state could be calmed down with the exercise, how beautiful!

And now I come to the point: I have been invited to come and help. Besides the guests (that’s what we call the refugees) to whom I will present the mother/child exercise, I am supposed to do training about secondary trauma for the staff, if that is possible. Furthermore, I would like to help establish a security system against human traffickers. Our partner organization Associate Free is donating 3000 flyers with their emergency number.
I will be in Suceava, in the northeast of Romania and in Cernavti, which is 60km in Ukraine. There are a lot of internal refugees there.
I feel very privileged and very grateful to go there. We go on Good Friday and stay for two weeks. I will take a team with me. Andreas will be there for at least a week and Emanuela and other colleagues are also considering coming along.
In addition, I will offer a seminar for helpers in cooperation with the Evangelical Alliance on May 11.
I am grateful for financial and especially prayer support. I want to buy toys again and take some relief supplies.

In solidarity,
Sabine Kallauch
Sozialpädagogin | Trauma-Fachberaterin | Traumapädagogin Lebens-und Sozialberaterin
Socialworker/ Trauma-Counselor


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