2022 Assembly


Update from our Partners in Albania : Different & Equal


We are delighted to have received news from Different & Equal giving information on the work that is taking place in Albania.  

One of these projects is the The Mobile Unit : Identifying and Referring Victims of Trafficking

This project began in 2013 and focuses on working with vulnerable people and families and potential victims of trafficking.

The unit has two social workers and two others on the team who work in the identification of potential victims and referrals in line with the National Referral Mechanism and Standard Operating Procedures in Albania. 

The first element of the work is in the identification of potential victims,  and the mobile unit works according to a map of marginalised areas where there is often limited access to information about the risks of exploitation.

Another initiative that this organisation lead is called Grandma’s Home which provides day service for children who have been affected by domestic violence of trafficking.  This initiative was established in 2015 and is a great model of care provision in a setting that feels like a home.

There are now 5 such centres where children are cared for under this project.

We are very grateful for the information from Different & Equal and both of these initiatives have so much value in society where men, women and children are given a chance to be cared for and have their voices heard.