2022 Assembly


Upcoming online Panel Discussion: What Gets Measured, Gets Done: Measuring the Efficacy of Human Trafficking Policies & Programs


The NGO conglomerate Justice Coalition of Religious extends an open invitation to its upcoming panel discussion this Wednesday, to discuss how to monitor the efficacy of programmes, policies and initiatives to combat human trafficking.

The discussion will be live streamed on Wednesday 6th April from 11am until 12.30pm Eastern Time USA by the United Nation’s Web TV channel.

The Justic Coalition of Religious explains the need for this conversation as follows:

“Despite all efforts, human trafficking has continued to proliferate unfettered throughout the world and has been exacerbated during the pandemic.

Major focuses have been on aiding the victims after the crime is committed and developing programs to prevent abuse of the most vulnerable. While these are laudable efforts, they obviously have not stopped the crimes from occurring.

Please join us as we explore how the United Nations community can expand its policies and procedures to bankrupt the business of human trafficking by:

  • establishing global measurement standards, including for illicit profiteering and numbers of trafficking victims;
  • incorporating such estimates into the results framework of programmes and projects;
  • facilitating collaboration amongst multi-sectors engaged in policy making, implementation and monitoring of results.”