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UNICEF report on increased incidences of use of children as ‘human bombs, ’ in north-east Nigeria.


Figure 2 Courtesy UNICEF/Abubakar.
Figure 2 Courtesy UNICEF/Abubakar.

RENATE is currently conducting research in a number of European countries, in the area of child trafficking. While the more common instances of trafficking centre around trafficking and exploitation for labour, begging and/or the sex industry, it is alarming to read of the use of children as ‘human bombs, ’ as reported by UNICEF in August.
‘’UNICEF is extremely concerned about an appalling increase in the cruel and calculated use of children, especially girls, as ‘human bombs’ in northeast Nigeria. Children have been used repeatedly in this way over the last few years and so far this year, the number of children used is already four times higher than it was for all of last year. 
Since 1 January 2017, 83 children have been used as ‘human bombs’; 55 were girls, most often under 15 years old; 27 were boys, and one was a baby strapped to a girl.’’
Full report available at:
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.
Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation.