2022 Assembly


Towards a More inclusive Society – Intro


Towards a More Inclusive Society: Moving Forward in a World Marked by Unprecedented Change.

The Forum of Catholic inspired NGOs at the Council of Europe, share with us a report entitled ‘’Towards a more inclusive society,’’ as a means of providing an opportunity for reflection and dialogue on a fundamental for contemporary times. Ina time of increased and diverse forms of Human Trafficking and Exploitation, this report provides ample food for thought and the possibilities of ways forward for society as a whole, to collectively reassess its approaches towards the common good and the safekeeping of our brothers and sisters. 

The report covers a range of topics, from Human Rights, Health, Education, the concept of Family, Development, through to Youth and Migration.

Throughout, the concept of Inclusion is presented as a ‘’process’’ and not just a fact or a goal. It contributes to unity and well-being, a shared existence and a promise for future generations. The report concludes with the view that Inclusion is indeed a very strong driver and builds on shared responsibility: a horizontal and societal process involving all of humanity and through which cohesive dynamics between all persons are created.

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