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’Together against Human Trafficking’’- Cardinal calls on governments to keep their promises to victims of human trafficking.(Buenos Aires, February 2019).


The Santa Marta group met earlier this month in Buenos Aires as the Latin American Meeting on New Slavery and Human Trafficking with the slogan “Together Against Human Trafficking.” Representatives from across the region – the Catholic Church, other religious communities, civil society and law enforcement – gathered with Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, England, President of the Santa Marta Group – the organisation instituted by Pope Francis in 2014 to fight human trafficking and modern slavery.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols called on all governments to act upon their commitments to assist victims of human trafficking at the conclusion of the Santa Marta Group conference for Latin America, held in Buenos Aires.

Over 100 countries signed the United Nations Palermo Protocol which calls on governments to catch and prosecute criminals and also to help trafficking victims with jobs, education and rehabilitation. Despite this commitment, Cardinal Nichols told delegates that this was not being carried out.

The Santa Marta Group Conference in Buenos Aires agreed to a series of measures in the ongoing fight against human trafficking. The conference was attended by Church representatives from across Latin America who work in the assistance of victims of human trafficking as well as the Argentinian federal police force, for whom this is a priority.

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Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.