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Talitha Kum resources.


The Talitha Kum Training Manual for Women Religious Active in the Prevention of Human Trafficking and Assisting its Victims (2016) offers a broad understanding of human trafficking, encompassing the geopolitical considerations which contribute to the increase of human trafficking worldwide through to theoretical frameworks for prevention and victim protection.   
Trafficking in Women and Children- an Information and anti-trafficking workshop Toolkit, (2003) is divided into 8 colour coded sections, which carefully take the reader through various stages towards an understanding of the nature of trafficking, its causes and the magnitude of the problem.
The kit includes beautiful and poignant Theological Reflections which underpin the entire publication.
The kit includes a selected bibliography and a list of useful websites, whilst also referring to some networks of Religious Congregations and groups working against human trafficking at the time of its publication in 2003.
Both resources are available in Italian, English, Spanish and French, with the anti-trafficking Toolkit also translated into Portuguese.
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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.