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Real Love Chases Away Fear, Greed & Slavery: Young Leaders Must Pave the Way


Youth Symposium at the Vatican, 7-8 November 2015
Youth Symposium at the Vatican, 7-8 November 2015

Mary Ward Loreto (MWL) attended the Symposium named “Real Love Chases Away Fear, Greed, and Slavery: Young Leaders Must Pave the Way”, held in the Vatican and led by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, from the 7th to the 8th of November, 2015. The MWL Women Assistant Manager, Irena Kraja, attended this symposium as an observer.
The aim of this event was to evaluate best practices in combating modern slavery, to create a global network of young people throughout the world, and to create a handbook on human trafficking and slavery.
Young people are considered as the main actors in combating Modern Slavery, now considered as a global emergency. They have been invited to commit themselves to eradicating these new forms of slavery.
Evaluate best practices to combat modern slavery
More than 70 participants from all over the world shared their experiences on the work achieved in the prevention of all kinds of human trafficking, the rehabilitation of victims who have survived human trafficking, and the sad realities of vulnerability related to modern slavery. Sister Eugenia Bonetti explained that the most vulnerable are young people who do not have opportunities for education or for employment opportunities in the future. This target group can be victims of false promises for a better future. We should work very hard on prevention!
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Prepared by Irena Kraja, Mary Ward Loreto