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RENATE Training on Catholic Social Teaching & Fundraising


social teaching training 2013Catholic Social Teaching Training & Fundraising Training for RENATE members has now been organized and will take place in Čičmany, Slovakia, from Sunday, November 3rd – till Friday November 8th 2013. We expect 25 participants from thirteen European countries.
Trainers on Catholic Social Teaching: Dr. Nicola Rooney & Fr. Milan Bubák SVD
Trainers on Fundraising: Sr. Imelda Poole IBVM & Mrs. Ivonne van de Kar
Please see below the profiles of our external trainers on Catholic Social Teaching.
Dr. Nicola Rooney has been employed by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference as Research Coordinator for the Council for Justice and Peace and the Northern Ireland Catholic Council on Social Affairs since 2008. During this time, both Councils have been actively involved in advocacy initiatives relating to human trafficking, including the publication of a statement in November 2009 .
In addition, both Councils advise the Bishops’ Conference on this issue, leading to a joint statement by all the bishops in September 2012 calling for the criminalisation of the purchase of “sexual services” in both jurisdictions in Ireland. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions, Dr. Rooney participated in an Exposure Dialogue programme in Ukraine in May 2009. Participants spent three days researching the problem of human trafficking while living with families who had been affected, before presenting their findings to a meeting of key stakeholders, including Church leaders, CEOs of relevant NGOs and the Minister for Social and Family Affairs.
Fr. Milan Bubák
Milan Bubák, SVD, born in 1956, is a catholic priest, a member of the missionary congregation Divine Word Society. As a priest he has rich experience in working with different people in different contexts. Last six years he served as the Coordinator for justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation for his congregation in Rome where he wrote a booklet entitled Human Trafficking – Present Day Slavery. Presently he serves as a Parish Priest in Bratislava.
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