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U.S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking: STOP Trafficking Newsletter – January 2021


’Climate change is one of the causes of poverty and forced migration, which make people vulnerable to human trafficking…’’ 

The stark headline of the January 2021 issue of STOP Trafficking anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter sets out the theme of this month’s edition of the Newsletter, which not only informs about the consequences of climate change on the most vulnerable but also highlights the distinctions between refugees who are displaced due to natural disasters created by climate change and all other refugees.  Under current international refugee agreements, people displaced by environmental disasters do not qualify for international aid or protection under the 1951 Refugee Convention…thereby rendering them vulnerable to  traffickers.

Read about the story of Dahia, sold by traffickers into prostitution in Somalia.

The Newsletter cites several country narratives from the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report (2020)  linking human trafficking and natural disasters (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Vanuatu).

Under the heading of Advocacy, there is a comprehensive feature on vulnerabilities after a natural disaster, including reference to refugee camps and labour trafficking. 

And finally, ACTION and what can be done, features on the closing pages of the Newsletter.

A MUST read!

To access the Newsletter:

UISG Newsletter, June 2016


The UISG Newsletter for June 2016 has just issued. Features include details of the UISG Plenary 2016: Supporting Global Sisterhood, an article entitled An Overview of the Future of Women Religious Life and an introduction to the new UISG Board 2016-2019, elected the 16th May 2016.
The Newsletter can be accessed at
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person

ANDANTE Newsletter, May 2016


ANDANTE, the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations, has released its May 2016 Newsletter, available attached. Both RENATE and Mary Ward Loreto (Albania) are acknowledged in the Newsletter!
In addition to news from member organisations, the member’s statements of ‘international policy related to refugees’ and the outcomes of the ANDANTE General Assembly, (April 16th-17th, 2016) feature as the highlights of the Newsletter.
The ANDANTE 10 year Jubilee Brochure is embedded into the Newsletter and is a compilation of the various activities, meetings and events undertaken by ANDANTE in the last decade.
ANDANTE Newsletter_14 May 2016
Read and enjoy!
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person

Stop Trafficking Newsletter Issue May ’16


The May issue of the Stop Enslavement Anti Human Trafficking Newsletter is now available. This issue specifically highlights aspects of labour trafficking and methods used to fight all forms of human trafficking.
Highlights include “Money: Cause and Cure for Human Trafficking”, which places a spotlight on both the poor and the wealthy, interwoven in the chain of human trafficking and exploitation.
There are valuable recommendations on approaches to countering human trafficking, as well as identified benefits arising from addressing forced labour in various company operations, which will ultimately strengthen human capital and the workforce.
You can download the Newsletter from
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person

Stop Trafficking Newsletter Issue July '15


The July 2015 current issue of the Stop Trafficking ! Newsletter is now available at
There are numerous articles of interest, including one on Forced Labour in Mineral Mining; Facts and Figures about Child Labour; and an Advocacy Good News section.
Stop Trafficking!  is dedicated exclusively to fostering an exchange of information among religious congregations, their friends and collaborating organisations, working to eliminate all forms of trafficking of human beings.
Anne Kelleher
RENATE Communications Person