2022 Assembly


Round Table Discussion in Brussels: The New EU Agenda on Migration


The Centre for European and International Policy Action (CEIPA) held a round-table discussion on The new EU Agenda on Migration: challenges and opportunities.’
A copy of CEIPAs proposal for the establishment of a European Agency for Resettlement and Migration Management was issued to all present and is available here: Observations and Suggestions for EU Policy Makers

Ms. Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person, attended on behalf of RENATE Network.
The event was an open forum for opinion leaders, experts, academics and civil society to discuss and re-think the paradigms of short-term responses versus long-term strategies in migration management in light of the complexity of the new EU strategic approach adopted by the European Commission.
Full Report available here:
Report on the CEIPA Round Table Discussion_Brussels_30 June 2015

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person