2022 Assembly


Summer time provides an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate MWL anti-human trafficking mission- past, present and future!


While the work to prevent and combat human trafficking is very demanding and has many guises, it is important to take opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate all that has been gained as a result.

RENATE members at Albania Hope share news of such opportunities in Tropoje, where they attended four meetings related to the mission past, present and future.

The following areas were covered:

  1. The development of an advisory team in the region;
  2. The women’s group developments in many villages;
  3. The future summer camp in Bajram Curri;
  4. Listening to the issues and successes of the women’s group in Raja;
  5. A visit with a local family.
  6. A visit to the MWL craft kiosk up in the valley of Valbona, which is now very successful and fast becoming a source of identity, pride and income for the women who share their artistic gifts and talents in providing the variety of crafts for sale there. Through the kiosk, it is hoped that girls will have sustained employment in their own locality, rendering them less vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation

It is hoped that this news item might give new ideas to other RENATE members and to open up the possibilities for sharing best practice, as well as the importance of acknowledgement and celebration!

Prepared by Anne Kelleher