2022 Assembly


STOP Trafficking Newsletter June 2021. Vol 19. No. 6.


FOCUS: This month’s newsletter focuses on those often unrecognized victims of human trafficking: persons with disabilities.

Last year’s Trafficking in Person’s Report (TIP 2020) cited trafficking of persons with disabilities in reports on more than 40 countries. While trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation continues to prevail amongst persons with disabilities, an additional concern is the exploitation of persons with disabilities for the purposes of theft of social security and disability benefits. People with disabilities are three and a half times more likely to be victims of sexual assault and more likely to be the victims of violent crimes. Most victims know their perpetrators, while a quarter of victims of violent crime believe they were targeted because of their
disabilities. Common forms of trafficking of people with disabilities include commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, debt bondage, forced begging or peddling, involuntary servitude and servile marriage.

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