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STOP Trafficking Newsletter June 2019.


The June issue of the STOP Trafficking Newsletter places the spotlight on the story of Survivors, in order that we may learn. The issue highlights issues affecting trafficked persons and what they see as helpful in their journey towards healing.

The stories range from experiences at the hands of traffickers to abuse perpetrated by family members who sold their relatives for the purposes of sexual exploitation. And while none of the stories are easy to read, each one offers insights into how best to work with and support survivors of Human Trafficking. Each story gives cause for hope.

The following are the component aspects of the Newsletter:

A victim remembers; A victim finds help; A victim struggles to overcome;

The role of Professionals in addressing the needs of Women Suffering Oppression.

Survivors contribute to Programme effectiveness; An outline of the Complex Experience care Model (CECM); Trafficked survivors identify what was helpful in their transitions;

Trafficked survivors identify what more they needed in their transitions; A series of book reviews and information websites.

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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.