2022 Assembly


Stop Trafficking Newsletter | Boletín de Stop Trafficking (March | Marzo 2022)


FOCUS: This issue highlights the increase in sex tourism and what
governments and the tourism industry can do about it.

The lower socioeconomic condition of destination countries for sex tourists and the relative anonymity awarded to consumers is pointed to as a factor leading to criminal exploitation. Even in countries where prostitution is legal, sexual slavery and the abuse of minors are in evidence, and these activities are not permitted under any legal system.

This month’s newsletter reports numerous examples of progress in fighting against trafficking in the context of sex tourism, profiling the work of governments, law enforcement and NGOs in several countries.

Recommendations are made for further victim support and preventative action. Tourism companies and travel agencies are urged to be more proactive in pursuing a zero-tolerance policy towards any customers who seek out sex tourism while abroad.

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